Friday, August 31, 2012

New Surprise!

We all feel like we have something to say on a subject. Some people are too shy or polite to say what's in their hearts and what is on their mind. Vherbal, a Christian rapper, is a family friend that raps, can do both of those things. Like many people before him he felt the need to challenge me on Biblical things. After a nice long talk on judgement and support (and a really nasty thunderstorm for him) he started talking to me often.

He said he felt like God had put him through a situation that made him think about life. Vherbal is and was 22 when his accident happened. He was engulf in flames of a burning room; burning his lower legs up. Facing many trials and troubles, he decided it was time to give it up to God. While he does have music that was secular, do not judge on that. We all have our pasts.

On August 30, 2012, I was privileged to get to interview Vherbal. We had to do it over Facebook because of our distances and we started the interview at 9:45 pm and it lasted for almost an hour and half. I hope you enjoy what I learned about Vherbal.

How did you come with your name?
"I've always been a talker. I hardly ever shut up. When It comes to music I can rap or song or talk about it all day long. I am very Vherbal."
Why the extra letter from the original spelling?
"I believe the extra letter makes the name stand out. Plus 7 is my lucky number."
What inspires you to write songs?
"Everyday life. My past experiences. Other peoples stories."
Why a Christian aspect of rapping?
"Hip-hop is such an influential culture. Today's youth is all about these rappers who brag about money stacked to the roof and how they pull women. As an artist I feel it is highly important to set a positive image across and feed kids a positive message. Money will not be when puts you in heaven nor will women. I feel it is a major responsibility of mine to connect with fans and show them the amount of love and grace Jesus Christ has for each and every person on earth."
What age do you think will listen to your music the most?
"I could only pray that all ages will, but realistically, I believe it will be more of the younger generation."
What was the best advice you've ever been given?
"No matter what you have done in your part people are going to judge you. Keep your head up cause God's judgment is the ONLY judgment that counts."
Who are your musical inspirations?
 "Oh man, Nine Lashes, KJ-52, Skillet, Manafest, Yumgtown, and yes even Eminem."
Why do each of them inspire you?
"Eminem is very bold and just does not care who judges him. He doesn't judge by sex or race. I love the way Nine Lashes rocks out and I love the way they put out a positive message. Yungtown has taught me a lot about the recording process and he is very passionate about Christ. Skillet is just awesome and Manafest has great delivery."
What do you think about while recording and performing?
"While recording, I hope everybody feels this track as much as I do. I hope I make this track as much of hit as I imagine it to be while recording." When performing I'm thinking "DON"T CHOKE ZACC!" Then I move on to wondering if the crowd it getting anything out of my performance and I hope these people will dedicate their lives to Christ if they haven't already."
Honestly, how do you react to change and hard situations?
"I believe change is a good thing, but honestly I react like my world has just crumble. I'm like, 'Why didn't I get the memo?' Hard situations; I'll admit I get a little ticked off, but I have to remember to pray about it and give my problems to God."
What can we expect from you in the coming months?
"You can defiantly expect to see my face everywhere you turn. Just kidding. Seriously though; You can count on a full length album coming out with a lot more material. I am in the process putting together an online bible study every Friday"
Favorite Bible story or verse?
"'So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.' John 8:7 It is perfect! basically saying Everybody has sinned so no one on this earth is worthy enough to judge somebody."
What are your other passions beside music?
"Working on cars. spending time with my 11 year old brother. My favorite hobby besides music is playing Xbox360."
Where would you love to perform?
"I really don't know. I haven't really thought about it. I guess anywhere with a venue full a youth."
Speaking of youth, what words of advice would you give to kids in middle school about life?
"No matter what your class mates say is cool be yourself and be you!"
What organizations to do you support and advocate for?
"You can find all of them on my Twitter: Click Here. There are just to many to name."
How often do you practice?
"Lately everyday. I try to practice 3-4 times a week"
Will you do dance songs?
"I try to do up beat songs you can dance to but I will never make up my own dance."
So no "Do the Vherby" dance move?
"Oh lord no. I can't dance."
What kind of embarrassing songs or songs that they didn't expect to find you might someone catch you listening to?
"Call Me Maybe by Carley Ray Jespen"
What is your favorite junk food?
"Jujy Fruits."
He is a very down to earth guy. He loves support of the fans. I really recommend following him and liking his music.

Website: Vherbal
Merchandise: Vherbal's Merchandise

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