Thursday, August 16, 2012

Quick and Short

So I am still healing from surgery this past Sunday. I wasn't allowed back at work for the rest of the week afraid I would strain myself. Next week is just some gentle walking and some yoga and light duty at work. I have a plan for the rest of the week.

Today I printed out a blog planner for me to match up with my regular planner. This way I get an idea of what other bloggers use and create my own. So this way I'm way more organized than what I am now. I have two notebooks that I have stuff wrote down in. I even downloaded and printed a sheet that is for brain storming. I am really hoping this helps me become more organized with blog writing.

In the midst of me printing and searching for blog I came across cleaning lists. Lists for each room. My townhouse could use a good scrub down so I have a feeling after I finish up tomorrow's religious post I will be cleaning. I do not mind cleaning at all. I think while I do that I will update the Products I Use with the cleaning supplies on it. I have been meaning to update those lists anyhow.

I also plan on detoxing my body come Saturday. I have been gathering information on that all day. I am quite excited about getting rid of all of the bad things in my body. I feel sluggish and I want to feel a lot better. Chris and a friend are going to help me in some areas. I think it will also help me relieve stress before school starts back.

Speaking of school it starts back for me this coming Wednesday. Am I ready? As ready as I can be. I'm nervous because last time I was in Tuscaloosa and living in a dorm. Now I'm on my own in Huntsville living in a townhouse. It is a new beginning for me.

Sunday will also mark my first Sunday school lesson. I wasn't able to make it last Sunday which totally bummed me out. Ironically my first lesson is on Harry Potter. Yep, Harry Potter. It's on growing up the right way. I think they will enjoy it. I know I enjoyed preparing it. But I love everything Harry Potter.

I want to stress this: I want your opinions. Right now I am taking opinions based on the posts that are viewed the most. I need feedback. I am thinking of doing a contest or a giveaway. More to come on that subject. I have been making changing to the blog itself and the Facebook page. You can check out the new apps on the Facebook page.

I hope all of you are having a good Thursday.

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