Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Didn't Really Do a Personal Post Yesterday So Here

I have a stalker. It's no lie. What's even crazier is she used to be my boss. She is a crazy awesome friend and gives me plently of feedback on my blog and whatever I ask of her. I cannot stress enough how much I love feedback. She loves the fact that I have product pages and tell I'm feeling on the sidebar on a particular day.

I won't lie to begin with I was slightly freaked out that she stalked my blog that much. I'm not talking just this page, I mean my Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter. She's signed up to follow them all. Though most of the time they are linked together. I'm pretty sure as she is reading this she is squealing, literally. 

I finally asked her why she was so obsessed. "Your life is so much cooler than mine." No my life is how perceive it. Many people look at my life and think it is so awesome when really I live a normal life. Granted I do a lot of things on my own. Anyone can look at their life and see the good in it and not dwell on the bad.

I have bad things happen to me a lot. I had surgery on Sunday and a slight heatstroke last Monday. Do I gripe about how bad I feel? Well slightly because it put in a situation where I am not allowed to be as active. However, I choose to find something else to do. If I hadn't of had surgery on Sunday I wouldn't have found way to add more blog readers. 

Life is all about how you handle situations and the opportunities that you take. Don't depend on someone else to make your happiness. Make your own. I guess that was one of the reasons I didn't want to officially date Chris. I didn't want people thinking that just because of him I would be happy. Yes he brings a lot of enjoyment into my life, but I guarantee that I would have found away to make myself happy without him.

I do not dwell on the fact that I don't have him. I rarely say, "Gosh I wish Chris was here" unless there is a specific need for him. Don't get me wrong I love his company. I know he has his own life. Sometimes the loneliness does sometimes eat at me a little. I find something that makes me happy and don't dwell on him or anyone else to make me happy. We have our own lives. He loves providing medicine for the sick even though sometimes he gets slightly agitated at the people on depression medicine and pain killers. Also the people on medicare and what not that don't deserve to be. 

We have many discussions on certain issues like that. It's one of the reasons I love his company when I do have it. We don't sit there and cuddle and talk about movies or other people. We talk about issues and discuss articles. It's very refreshing. I personally think that is one of the reasons that I love him is that he intelligent enough to know what's going on in the world and can give me direct answers instead of saying "I don't know."

The girl that stalks my blog and I had a nice discussion on most guys (and people in general) that say they don't like something, but can't really tell you why. I have to agree with her. Nothing shows more ignorance than someone saying that don't like something and you asked them why and their answer, "I don't know. I just don't." Um know, are you that unintelligent that you can't tell me why your brain doesn't like something? I don't like plain roast from the crockpot. Why? Because to me it tastes bitter and dry to me. Look a reason why I don't like something.

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