Friday, August 3, 2012

God is a Chef as well.

Ok so I love eating junk food and overeating. However, that's a sin and it's a real tough one. Sometimes that huge jar of Nutella just screams my name. Here lately I have been telling myself two teaspoons and that's it hide the jar and take your mind somewhere else. I can literally eat a whole huge jar of that stuff in two days.

Anyhow, I have been working really hard not commit the sin of gluttony. Why? Because I know in my heart I'm a Christian. I believe that Jesus died for our sins and that I have been forgiven. Being a Christian means you have to be Christ-like. Yep that includes his diet.

First things first, I am starting to take consideration organic food that isn't completely processed. That right there really stands out. I'm not saying I have went totally organic, because that is very hard to do these days anyhow. I always get a good laugh when I think about Jesus walking on Earth. He is God's son he could have been like "Big Mac appear." No, it was loaves of bread and fishes.

Nutrition is about eating good things. It's also about how you treat food. Starve or pig out and your body reacts in a negative way either way. Plus, always bless your food. I always do. Food is ALWAYS unclean until you do thank God for your food.

Then God said, "Let the earth produce plants—some to make grain for seeds and others to make fruits with seeds in them. Every seed will produce more of its own kind of plant." And it happened.The earth produced plants with grain for seeds and trees that made fruits with seeds in them. Each seed grew its own kind of plant. God saw that all this was good. God said, "Look, I have given you all the plants that have grain for seeds and all the trees whose fruits have seeds in them. They will be food for you. - 1 Genesis 1: 11-12; 29
Are you what you eat? How good does your body feel after you eat certain foods? 

Just before dawn Paul began persuading all the people to eat something. He said, "For the past fourteen days you have been waiting and watching and not eating.34 Now I beg you to eat something. You need it to stay alive. None of you will lose even one hair off your heads."35 After he said this, Paul took some bread and thanked God for it before all of them. He broke off a piece and began eating.36 They all felt better and started eating, too.   - Acts 27: 33-36
Swap out fruit rolls with real fruit. Swap out soda or sports drinks with water or protein smoothies.

 Listen, my child, and be wise. Keep your mind on what is right. Don't drink too much wine or eat too much food.Those who drink and eat too much become poor. They sleep too much and end up wearing rags. - Proverbs 23:19-21
Plan to eat well. Running short on time and skipping meals usually leads to unhealthy food choices.

If you find honey, don't eat too much, or it will make you throw up. - Proverbs 23:16

So there is why you shouldn't get drunk or over eat. I'll admit I've gotten drunk (yes go ahead and gasp away.) I see no point in doing it again. I like having complete controls over my thoughts and actions. If you don't like that, well there are consequences.

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