Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Falling Leaves, Drift By the Window

It upsets when people say they can't achieve their dreams. I usually ask what their dreams are and I get well dreams that are broad and take many steps and stages. Nobody ever thinks about breaking down a goal. This world has come to the point where nobody wants to work to get anything they want. Even to get our food the fast food industry has grow in the past decade.

You can't get everything you want instantly some things have to be obtained and sometimes in a specific order. I believe dreams can always be followed. It might not be the exact picture in your head but things are rarely what we imagine them to be.

As most of you know I decided to make a Summer Bucket List. It wasn't any big dreams, but it was small dreams to help me have a fantastic summer. Most of mine was to help me remember the small things that can still be enjoyed by all. I accomplished all but one thing on my summer bucket list though. I call that pretty good. So now it's time for the Fall Bucket List!

  1. Make an autumn wreath
  2. Buy new leggings
  3. Get two new pairs of boots
  4. Get knit sweater socks.
  5. Find sweaters
  6. Invest in linen handkerchiefs. 
  7. Use leaves to decorate the tables and window sills
  8. Buy a horn of plenty for my dining table
  9. Celebrate Chris's birthday in style
  10. Enjoy orange and white pumpkins
  11. Get oranges and press cinnamon gloves into them
  12. Play Scrabble by the fire place with a fire burning.
  13. Play flag football
  14. Go trick or treating at WDW
  15. Tailgate before every Alabama Football game
  16. Put up a cinnamon broom with a pretty fall ribbon on it.
  17. Watch Football movies, Remember the Titans, Blind Side, and Hometown Hero
  18. Enjoy some thick barbecue sauce on ribs during a football game 
  19. Bob for apples
  20. Decorate the Townhouse for Halloween/Thanksgiving
  21. Make some of Martha Steward Decoration
  22. Make Paint Craft pumpkins with Chalk paint for Countdowns
  23. Read the Alabama ghost stories
  24. Do everything in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  25. Go for a ride through the mountains when the leaves are changing
  26. Apple picking
  27. Bake Halloween cupcakes
  28. Make Grown Up Pumpkin pie Milkshake
  29. Make Halloween Cocktails
  30. Take a hay ride
  31. Climb a haystack at dad's with Chris
  32. Visit a Pumpkin patch
  33. Carve pumpkins and make a polka dotted pumpkin
  34. Make pumpkin pie
  35. Make apple pie
  36. Make pumpkin bread
  37. Make tons of peanut butter fudge
  38. Roast pumpkin seeds
  39. Make Screaming Red Punch with a Hand
  40. Make worms with straws
  41. Make a bird feeder
  42. Play chess
  43. Sip on Apple cider
  44. Go to a carnival
  45. Get face painted
  46. Buy fall mums
  47. Make chili
  48. Play in a leaf pile
  49. Watch Hocus Pocus
  50. Go through a Haunted House
  51. Cook Gumbo
  52. Sips Starbucks while at Starbucks looking at Pinterest
  53. Make a pecan pie
  54. Eat outside at a real picnic table
  55. Make smores
  56. Learn to Swing Dance
  57. Make caramel apples
  58. Go on wine tasting tour
  59. Go to a state fair
  60. Help out at the fall festival at church
  61. Test all of the holiday drinks at Starbucks
  62. Make centerpieces for Thanksgiving
  63. Stay at a cabin. 
  64. Hoolahoop
  65. Watch other kid cartoons of Halloween and Thanksgiving
  66. Eat homemade pizza
  67. Go to 3 of John's football games
  68. Make a scarecrow
  69. Ride bike through changing leaves.
  70. Climb a tree like Bella and Edward
  71. Go to the Alabama Renaissance Faire on October 27th.
  72. Go camping
  73. Visit tiny towns. 
  74. Visit the ghost town in Alabama
  75. Wear converse with a dress
  76. Go to fair.
  77. Stay on a houseboat for a night.
  78. Enjoy yhe fall festival at church.
  79. Trunk or treat!!!!
  80. Get my face painted.
  81. Go roller skating
  82. Do charcoal drawings and pastel artwork
  83. Wear different hats.
  84. Reread Telltale Heart by the pond.
  85. Take a self defense class.
  86. Make Eyes in the Bushes--Place glow sticks inside the tubes, then hide them in the bushes. Great, simple Halloween decorations!
  87. Make apple muffin 
  88. Enjoy more tea afternoon at Emma's tea room.
  89. Enjoy fall smells via Scentsy, Bath & Body Works, and Yankee Candle
  90. Swing on the swings
  91. Make awesome waffles with chicken.
  92. Enjoy the Judgement Trail at church.
  93. Enjoy Halloween with my family
  94. Watch the Thanksgiving Parade with Chris
  95. Go Black Friday Shopping with Chris
  96. Enjoy the Auburn/Alabama with Chris
  97. Enjoy Thanksgiving with my family and Chris's family
  98. Learn more Bible Verses
  99. Read fall books
  100. Thank God for the blessings he has put in my life.

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