Tuesday, August 7, 2012

30 Some Things.

1. Diana Belle, I like it except for the Belle part.
2. I have my ears pierced and I have two tattoes. I have wings that are in white ink on my shoulders.
3. I love Designing Women, NCIS, Big Bang Theory (Sometimes), Friends, Golden Girls, Gilmore Girls, sometimes Project Runway, Yes to the Dress, and sometimes the Martha Stewart show. I  can watch the Travel channel, Food Network, and the History Channel too though. 
4. I have about 3 people I would call close friends. When anything happens to me they are the first ones to know. (Proved yesterday) They keep me stable and sane. Each of them I have my own secrets with each one of them. I can laugh with all of them. I think they all push to make me a better person.
5. Three favorite colors are Purple, Brown and red. :)
6. Winter, cuddling, Christmas, fires, sweaters, less humidity, and sometimes snow.
7. I came across Tumblr a couple of years ago and didn't really understand it, but now I've sat down and figured it out and I love it but my hard drive does not.
8. I wouldn't say I'm a fitness guru but I'm defiantly not a couch potato. 
9. I happen to like Vintage videos and the You-Know-Who at the Olympics.
10. I have a pretty, fluffy, huge, ginger, smashed-face cat, named Crookshanks. And then Abby, who is a puppy of 2 months old Scottish terrier.
11. Bands? Westlife, Fun, 98°, Nightwish and Kutless
12. I love Harry Potter like a second life.
13. It's an okay movie. I won the second Mean Girls movie in a giveaway.
14. I have so many siblings it's not funny. It would take forever to talk about them all. I do love them all.
15. Favorite junk food? That's difficult. I love jelly beans, kettlecooked potato chips, Dr. Pepper, Swiss Rolls from Little Debbie, ring pops, blow pops and Zinglers.
16. Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled and the Princess and the Frog
17. I have one pair and they are the taller ones. I hate how people choose to wear them I only wear mine with certain outfits in the WINTER!
18. Yes I do. I drink a glass of milk every morning.
19. CARR
20. I have glasses to read, but I normally wear contacts that help with nearsighted as well.
21. History and English
22. I love run and to do yoga. I also love pole dancing. Pole dancing reminds me of yoga only sexier.
23. Her music ok. I could careless what she is or what she does.
24. The Avengers was an ok movie I just love the drive-in experience. 
25. I've started rereading  Perks of Being a Wallflower.
26. I'd love to go to Norway.
27.  Bianca, Emmy, Fleur, Rosette, Eustice, Jordan, and Severus and pet names? I really have no idea
28. Omg the lead singer in Creed.....
29. It's ok sometimes.
30. Can't at the moment.

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