Wednesday, August 1, 2012

In Respect of Recent Events..

I am doing an awareness post today. When I thought about doing awareness blogs. I had thought of several topics, but something happened this week that struck a nerve with me. I nerve that made me curse and I don't curse all that much. But this had them flying. My blood boiled and I literally had to fight down some words to some people.

Words hurt worse than anything. And little ones is even worse. Kids take everything heart. Take a psychology class and you find that out real quick. If you wouldn't pull a child's hair, hold them by the throat or bash in their face or stomach DO NOT abuse them with words which can have even more lasting effect.

It's a disturbing sight so why do it? Even jokingly it hurts so bad that kids feel like they aren't good enough. Ever wonder why kids run to their parents when a bully threatens them and teases them? Because it makes them have less self worth. For instance, I know a sweet, bubbly child that is as smart as they come. He is just 4 years old and can put in iTunes gift card on his mom's account. I do not think it's right that someone came across and told him he was special ed. For starters that's offensive to that little boy plus people who are in special ed. 

Those children are really intelligent even if they have something wrong with them. I know an eight year old little girl that is literally handicapped by cerebral palsy. She can barely walk and has functioning issues but she is extremely mature and bright. Unfortunately, that child too was abused verbally and physically by her mom. As was her sweet sisters abused, however, they now all live with their dad. 

As for calling a four year old little boy a skank, tell me exactly what purpose does that solve? I know you are thinking "Wow what parents does he have?" Well it's not his parents. It's actually a man claiming that he is a mature adult. I don't care if you are joking with a child. When a child is not laughing with you then they think you are laughing at them. If you claim to be a parent you better learn that one quickly of course I thought that was common sense.

Verbal abuse is a form violence. In some places you can be arrested for it. As for verbal abuse against kids? Oh yeah. But it's hard to be convicted of it. I was severely shocked when I started researching this topic when the first event happened. There is hardly any awareness about this. With the onslaught of technology this needs to be brought forth. Physical abuse is bad, but emotional abuse deals with the inside of a child.

I don't care how strong willed a child is you do not tell them they are fat. Pudgy and cute fine. But seriously fat? Do you know how much damage that does to a child. Do you realize that's starts eating disorders. Especially when the child is underweight? Especially when  this little 4 year old is barely 30 something pounds? He got tired of being called fat so yeah he is going to lash out and then you feel need to grind him down more? 

What saddens and sickens me even worse? Telling a child her opinion doesn't matter or that you don't like her. First of all, again, SHE IS A CHILD! Second, she's a girl. We take that very seriously no matter how confident we are. And as for you having a freedom of speech as I stated before that goes out the door when abuse a child with your freedom of speech. 

How would a person that calls themselves a parent like it if someone did that to their child? Lord, heck would be raised so why do it to someone else's kid? You feel good now? You feel like you won? Because those kids don't know what skank is or special ed is? 

Above all of anything else do not act like it's nothing. There is a reason the parents are getting upset. A child's confidence is built at a young age. Especially when the parent is doing everything they can to keep the child self-esteem high and you think your little joke is not a big deal. Oh it's a huge deal. 

And if you don't like my post, well guess what my opinion on your opinion and actions are actually protected by that amendment you keep throwing out. Funny thing. I haven't said anything degrading. I have recently joined up with DoSomething, which is a website that helps get your projects on changing the world to the public all over the world even, and I believe this might just be my project. I want awareness raised about verbal abuse towards children. I'm not talking about lecturing like a good parent. I'm talking about a degrading.

In other countries there are awareness of it. Like the video shown above. I want that in America. I want it known that it's not right to tell a child ANY child that he or she is fat or their opinions don't matter! I think today I will be creating a ribbon about this as part of my stand for this crap. I want it shown how awful this is!

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