Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rolling with Crohnies...

Two weeks ago for an awareness post I did one on Crohn's disease. I wrote what Crohn's patients go through. I think this time I will go further into detail on what they need and why.

Like I said Chris's triplet Frankie has one of the severest cases in the southeast. He has been to UAB (he got zero help there), Atlanta (best help he has had so far), Nashville, and several other places. He is living in a assisted living place. He still loves baskets for surprises. He doesn't care much for flowers.

With Crohn's patients do not give food unless you know specifically that they can eat that food. With Frankie he can eat cookies all day and every day and never have a flare up from cookies. Now the stress from something might make him have ones but it's never cookies. He loves cookies more than anything with the exception of his family and babies. A website, that is also an app for iPhone and iPad users, called Everyday Health helps many people with different kinds of disease. They also have apps for certain foods to eat as well as activities.

So at any rate, I am taking a stand and not letting it be such a taboo subject on my blog. Also for more information from someone who deals with Crohn's check out RJ Taylor's blog who is not much older than Frankie and is slightly younger than Erica.

I have searched high and low for lists of things Crohn's patients like/need/want when they are dealing with a flare up. I will not post medicine to give patients because I'm sure that's something that each individual patients wants to pick out. I have come across many, however, I really hate that it is such a taboo subject and sooo many people think there is just one type of Crohn's intensity. Plus, there is information on how work places don't realize the effect that Crohn's, and diseases like it, have on the patients, aka their employees.

The number one thing I have seen most common: Toilet paper. I seen several people who get excited because their loved ones brings home luxurious toilet paper for them to use. The reason why its so important? Because they have to use the restroom- a lot. We aren't talking like 5 or 6 times, we are talking close to twenty or more. Sometimes patients of this disease are told to get a special foot stool to help them evacuate their bowels without putting strain on them.

Wipes were also among the top things I discovered that Crohn's patients wants. They also like for them to soft and plenty. Some may want medicated so ask before sending.

Any kind of heat wrap I promise will be well received by a Crohnie. Even if it's in the summer. Hot water bags, heating pad, heating bags, herbal bags, etc they will use it. In keep in that note they like blankets as well.

Depending on the patient they may love new underwear but that depends solely on your relationship with that person. I know it's well received by my two friends that have it but yet they both have a good sense of humor and are open with everyone. If anything else get them a fun tshirt, 100% so it will be light on them or pajama or lounge pants.

They also like pillows that keep cold throughout the night. Crohnies are prone to getting night sweats. So herbal packs that can be heated or put in the freezer is also well received. The same thing goes for hot water bottles. The name of the pillows are called Chillows.

Crosswords, word searches, Sudoku, or bathroom books, because they love having something to do and read while they are having to spend hours in the bathroom. Frankie suggested something to hold pens, books and games as well. He said it's aggravating having to grab those items when the need strikes.

Frankie even said if you are thinking birthday or Christmas, to get him a tablet with a charging cord that is long to reach to the electrical socket. Some of the other patients have said at least a portable DVD player. This once again is because there are days where they are stuck in the bathroom, literally all day.

Back and foot massagers are great for Crohies as well. A back massager is a good gift for anyone, but it will be especially welcome for anyone who has Crohns or IBD. Arthritis is a common complication, and it affects about 25% of patients. Aches and pains can really get you down, but applying a little heat and some massage can really do wonders. And while getting a massage for that aching back, why not pay attention to the feet, which can also be affected by arthritis. When your feet hurt, the rest of your body can feel great, but you just can't get past those tired dogs. Foot massagers, dry or wet, really work well to make you feel better all over.

Though there is one thing I love with the Crohnie's.... tea. Green tea especially. Now not all Crohnies love tea so double check. However, both of mine do. They both love tea so much. So defiantly try tea with the Crohnie in your life. 

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