Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Emergency Preparedness

So if you read my last post from yesterday, you know I had a heat stroke on Monday. That's one of life's emergencies. I do wear a medical alert bracelet for my allergies and my diabetes. Though, after Monday Chris and I agreed that one thing on my Summer Bucket List is really necessary: Emergency Binder.

Mine will be slightly different because I'm also adding some organizing to mine about my townhouse. I feel that some important things really need to be kept together. Chris got two fireproof/waterproof boxes (he is doing his own), sheet protectors, binders, and pencil pouches.

Now I must admit my boyfriend has in genius idea until we were watching NCIS and I realized where he got the idea about blood typing. We are finishing up the binders what I am going to do is make a Emergency Preparedness Pinterest Board and let you look through some of the things I've done and I am going to do. I will also add things for a family binder as well because some of you have families and I hope someday I have my own little family.



I have come up with many ideas to do and I love my notebook. I used scrapbook paper and stickers to decorate it and I love it so much I might get Hannah later to take pictures of it for me. I really encourage people to do this and be prepared for emergencies. I feel a lot better knowing some of the information I read while doing this and making this with Chris. We even had fun making our binders together. It was a great way to learn even more about each other.

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