Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Harry Did Not Do His Job...

Seriously when the Olympics 2012 was mentioned around me to begin with I would scream this just like Joey. If you don't know what the graphics or what I'm talking about, just leave. Lol "It's LONDON BABY!" It's one  the best Joey moments ever! I believe when Chris and I were there two months ago I did that at him on the plane and some girl 4 rows behind us air high-fived me. It's great!

Anyhow, I have seriously loved the Olympics this year. For starters, yes it's in London Baby! Then hello, HARRY POTTER!!!!! Plus I like gymnastics and the swimming. I have watched other competitions though. I was so excited the Rupert Grint was one of the people to carry the torch! I guess that's why I have loved this so much because this is a Olympics where we know the famous people.

Yes the opening ceremony............ Was astounding!!!!! It was brilliant! Voldemort-woah my bad. He-who-must-not-be-named was there and Mary Poppins saved the day. Chill fellow magical people it was a slip of the tongue. I am surrounded by muggles. Anyhow, not only was he there but hello the queen herself was there. No no no not the one who looked like she could have been anywhere else and been a lot happier. JK Rowlings!!!! It was amazing! 

Anyhow, I have been quite happy with the Olympics as far as the USA goes. The French team I was please with too. I happen to like watching the Olympics summer or winter. I have been extremely impressed with London's take on the Olympics. 

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