Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Listening to the Rain

Today has been, well it's been a day.

Yesterday I suffered from a heatstroke. Yes, I was doing too much. Please spare me the 5th lecture. I was moving playground equipment by myself right after chasing down a child and was in sunlight and heat 4 hours straight without anything to drink or eat. I just remember thinking I was feeling sick and while throwing up I pretty much passed out. I woke up with an IV, a breathing machine, and catheter in me. Not the exactly what you want to wake up to when you were in the blasting sun. My skin felt extremely hot yet freezing. Come to find out I was in what is called a Cooling blanket.

I was not expecting to see my dad and Chris there. Then the thoughts of "Omg I'm dying," went through my head. I'll admit I started panicking then. Dad tried to calm me down. They were scaring me with everything. Plus that weird thing that normally keeps you warm was making me cold. It was very weird. I calmed down and perked up. I wanted my iPad. The wonderful boyfriend went and got it while my dad stayed with me.

So my dad realized I was in good hands and I realized I had to stay the night since I am a diabetic and my core temperature got up to 105.2... My blood was boiling. Ok bad joke. I had to have two injection of muscle relaxers because I could not stop shivering, which makes your body temperature go up. I did not want that shot in my butt. The first time I was still hazy and didn't know what they were doing that second time I knew. I was scared. Not of the needle of how it would make me feel. Chris got on the bed and laid back against the pillows and he pulled me face down on top of him so my face was in his chest. He held me while they gave me the shot which I was very grateful for during that.

Chris stayed all night with me. He never left except to use the bathroom. He called our friend to bring him something to eat. I shouldn't have been shocked when I woke up this morning and I had flowers. I looked at the flowers and I looked at him and he just smiled and said some habits are hard to break.

I spent the morning getting poked and prodded. I was told no work the rest of the week and no exercising until next week. I almost died at the last part. I was not happy. However, after getting Chikfila and Starbucks I was a little nicer. He walked Abby as I took a quick luke warm shower and changed into my pjs. I had to lay around with ice packs under my arms, on my neck, under my knees and my groin. Which was funny because Chris carried me upstairs to my bed. And it happened for the first time. We were laying on my bed together! Lol normally he isn't allowed in my bedroom at ALL. I made an exception since he was taking care of me.

He really did. He was laying behind me rubbing my back until I fell asleep. I woke up and a million smells hit my nose. Lemon, honeysuckle, pine, bakery, and mango was all bombarding my nose at once. I was still droopy and lethargic. My boyfriend was scrubbing my downstairs bathroom and the rest of my townhouse was spotless, fresh, and clean. He was wearing my Glamour gloves which is cleaning gloves that everyone knows of yet mine are pink and zebra fabric coming out of them. I know my mouth was hanging open when I saw him SCRUBBING the toilet. If I had never said I love you before, I would have been saying it today.

He made doughnuts after fixing me a light lunch. We spent the day on the computer and talking about different things. It was nice. We played a little Nintendo until I got to feeling dizzy. He basically helped me with everything today. We watched it rain and just laid on the couch.

I managed to get a lot of new topics for my blog today though. Some were given to me and some was me looking through trending sites. I will go ahead and put this out there. I support Chikfila. No it's not up for debate. The reason for the uproar? Boston got their panties in knot and said they weren't going to let them build well that's against the law to discriminate for religion. I know there are churches in Boston. What is the mayor not going to let them build churches there anymore either? It's not like Chikfila is only serving heterosexuals. I still eat Ben & Jerry's ice cream and they are FULL supports of gays, lesbians, and bis. But if they feel like they are being threatened because they can't each chicken on Sundays, well they can't make stuff for their hobbies from Hobby Lobby. Ok off soapbox. Last time I write anything about that unless it comes up later in a religion post.

Tomorrow's blog is something Chris and I are working on tonight. There won't be pictures but I will try and make sure it is descriptive as possible.

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Maddy Tyler said...

I can't for tomorrow's blog and I loved the many updates in one day!!! :)