Tuesday, August 21, 2012

He Will Continue to Surprise Me

I grew up with the Disney Princesses and home videos of past recordings. When my mom married my dad they received a VCR and my mom was crazy about taping little kid shows. For that I'm grateful. She also bought so many children book for me it was ridiculous. My grandmother in Paris said she was almost crestfallen when she had Jared because she wanted a girl so bad. She wanted a girl to dress up and have tea parties with air for tea.

I was and still am a slight tomboy, but I have always loved romantics. I took dance in Paris. Yes, people are gasping in Tuscaloosa reading this. I am actually able to stand on toe for ballet. I took dance for over ten years. It's amazing I have been able to keep it a secret for this long. I realized that yesterday I missed it. When I was stretching and Viv said something about me taking dance and Maddy almost fell off the couch. Yes, miss-fall-down-the-stairs is a Prima Ballerina in Paris. Maddy wouldn't believe it.

I had to prove to her that I really could. I think my favorite thing was Chris's facial expression. Why I thought he would be astounded I don't know, but I looked over there at him. He was giving me the famous look at this point.
It wasn't until he stood up that I got slight nervous. He kicked off his shoes and grabbed me and told me to do a certain position quickly. Next thing I know he is one foot on his tiptoes. I know my eyes were wide. I was completely shocked. Maddy had Dr.Pepper dripping down her chin. Constance was doing a half-cracked smile. "You have taken ballet?!" I know I almost screamed that at him. "Yes, eight years." So apparently my boyfriend has been honest to his word. We have much to learn about each other.

So, we were talking last night and I looked at him and asked him was there anymore hidden talents. He just grinned. I asked him did he ever get made fun of because he liked to girly things. Again the Flynn Look came from him. "I love to learn; stereotyping has never stopped nor does it change my orientation." My love grew him for him at that statement. We put in Beauty and the Beast. We fell asleep with Jackjack between us.

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