Saturday, August 11, 2012

Smores, Tent, Sleeping....

Yep we are going camping in the fall. Probably sometime in October when we get back from Disney World. Chris said that a night in a tent and then two nights in his grandfather's RV. I love this idea. It's going to be so much fun. We know when we are going and that's October 13 (Ridge's wedding day! And before thinks anything bad she is having a small, but gorgeous wedding for just close family.)

We haven't decided if we are going to go camping up here or in Tuscaloosa where Chris loves to do. He grew up going to Tannehill. I went there last year but didn't have a very good time. I doubt Chris lets that happen to me if we go with our friends from Tuscaloosa. I was the brunt of several pranks. Some weren't so bad, but others were just horrible.

Chris came up with the bucket list for camping which made me laugh that he thinks in terms of bucket lists now. I have to say they are some great ideas. So here we go!

.1. Catch lightning bugs in a jar.

2. Make smores.

3. Start a camp fire.

4. Practice yoga.

5. Go for a bike ride.

6. Skip rocks

7. Play tic-tack-toe in the dirt

8. Take walk while holding hands.

9. Listen to Chris play guitar.

10. Play card games.

11. Make old fashion ice cream.

12. Listen to Chris play the harmonica.

13. Go for a run.

14. Lay in the hammock.

15. Moonlit stroll.

16. Tell ghost stories.

17. Eat chili on a camper stove.

18. Go wading.

19. Dance in the moonlight

20. Watch and play football.

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