Thursday, August 9, 2012

Unashamed and Interesting Concept

I won't lie I am suffering from the worst cramps I have ever dealt with in my life. Both doctors have said it is because of the heat stroke that the cramps have multiplied. I can honestly say that I'm super glad the doctor said no running or work the rest of the week. I don't think I could have made it through either.

My hormones have been through the roof this time as well. We are talking constant crying (some of it from pain) and bad attitude where I could give Ridge and Erica a run for their money on being mean. I have NEVER had a period like this before in my life. This one has left me paralyzed for the most part. My appetite has been very, very weak.

Chris, like he was on Monday, has been there for me through it all. He was and has been extremely concerned with me crying. He went to Walmart first thing this morning after he had walked Abby and while I was in and out of sleep. When I went downstairs after a very quick shower. He had set up the living room nicely. I wasn't hungry, but he insisted on at least some eggs and a banana. He lit a bunch of candles and played records. I fell asleep around 11:30 waking up every so often. When 3 o'clock hit I was in agony.

My friend Hannah came by to check on me and she was even freaked out by how pale and weak I was. Chris gave me some Midol PM and I was out. I slept from 4 to 8:30. In the midst of all that time. Chris managed to give Abby a bath and walk her again. What really amazed me was that he went above and beyond what I think most boyfriends would do.

I have a file folder full of health articles for women that I have clipped out of magazines. He made a list of things to make or to help me with my period based on what the articles said. He went and asked many of our friends that are female how to help me cope and also what he could do to make it better. It made me smile when he did that even though I was crying because of the pain.

I had to explain to him that I have insulin problems. My blood sugar has spiked to over 300 and it has gone down to 45 several times. Insulin can make your period extremely heavy that's why candy and white bread are not friends right before a period. Insulin makes the lining of the uterus build up faster and thicker. I think that is partly a problem this time because I was a little wasteful this time one eating healthy because of the heat stroke.

Chris has seriously been all about helping me through this and I have just been amazed. He found some interesting facts and tips. Plus some truly bizarre things as well. Leave it to us to find blogs completely about periods and people who make are with menstrual blood.... Yep. You read it right. There are people out there that create "art" with blood that comes out of them every month. See for yourself by clicking: Here. I was intrigued, but I was pretty grossed out as well. By the end of looking at art in the form of well menstrual blood Chris was as pale as me and swallowing to keep from throwing up.

This is probably why we get along so well. We are there for each other and we enjoy the weirdness. We spent time looking at period blogs such as:
In a way it has been nice being able to be honest with Chris about this and him not going to look like he was going to barf. I finally asked him why he could handle it so good when other guys flip out or run for the hills. He shocked me by saying his youngest sister who is just 11 has been having periods for a while because she has a deficiency in her hormones. He used to take care of her and she hated all of the blood so he is used to helping with pads.

So apparently, God gave me the best thing for me. A man that understands women beyond belief. Chris has went to Walgreens three times tonight and Walmart once. He went prepared each time. He came back with low fat frozen yogurt, fruit, peanut butter, green tea, rasberry tea, and some other groceries. I had to laugh a little. In his words he bought "good toilet paper" I am sorry but it cracks me up when he says this because his Italian accent comes out in the word toilet.

He made me toasted mozzarella cheese sticks. Which were really yummy. All he did was put low-fat mozzarella cheese on wheat bread cut up into strips and toasted them so the cheese melted and made the bread crunchy. He gave me marinara to dip them in. It was so good! He also bought calcium supplement in the chocolate chews. He told me it would help with the mood swings and the cramps.

So while writhing in pain like this....


I have been reading about periods and period products with my boyfriend. However, it is easing off and I think I will go to sleep for a short time. Tomorrow's post was a request and I need to do some background reading on the subject.

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