Wednesday, August 8, 2012


This morning I had one of those awakening moments. I soaked in my tub after walking Abby with Chris. I decided not to wash my hair because I didn't want to stand under the cold water like yesterday. I put on a tank top and went downstairs expecting to find Chris sitting in front of the tv playing Nintendo. He was in the kitchen and told me to come in there. I stopped dead in my tracks. Against the kitchen sink was a chair from my dining room and towels. He told me to go get my shampoo and conditioner. I went dazed back upstairs.

I handed them both to him and he told me to sit down. I did notice that I was sitting on books covered in two towels. I leaned back against the towel rolled up on the edge.He gently wet my hair with the water sprayer. He massaged my scalp with his finger tips wetting my hair even more. He slowly started shampooing my hair. This was where I lost it.

He kept asking if it hurt while he lathered my hair. I started crying and he instantly stopped. I realize he thought he had hurt me. I was shaking my head no sending soapsuds flying and I told him that it was just one of most tender moments I've ever experienced. He smiled and kissed me. I sat there while he kept massaging and lathering my hair. He washed the shampoo out and then conditioned it. I just sat in total amazement. 

Even more amazed when he dried it as well with me sitting in the floor in front of him on the couch. It felt wonderful. Plus it was so gentle and tender I wanted it to last forever. I let him straighten it as well. It's bouncy and soft to touch. I feel very pampered. Awesome start to my day!

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