Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 3: Drugs and Drinking

This was a difficult blog for me.

One, I've been drinking since I was 6 years old. I wasn't raised in the states. I was raised in France. Wine has always been a part of my life. The only time I can remember not drinking wine was when my dad became Baptist. After that there was never wine in the house again. I hated Baptists (sorry not all of you are bad) and I changed. I am happy with Methodist. We offer both wine and grape juice at our communion.
I do not like beer. I can drink champagne. Vodka is alright. Whiskey is really good as well. Rum and I don't get a long unless I'm cooking with it or if Erica makes me a Flaming Blue Lamborghini. I've been wasted twice in my lifetime and that's completely good enough for me. I drink a glass of wine every day and that's about it.

I hate, hate, hate, hate smoking! It's actually banned in our neighborhood. If you get caught smoking in our neighborhood you are fined $150 automatically, even if you are visiting because we have signs posted on the entry way. Is that legal? Yes, as a neighborhood we agreed on it. We had too many fires and too many people allergic to it. So don't like it? Don't come to our neighborhood probably wouldn't want you there anyhow.

I have dipped. It's better than smoking it doesn't stink at all, or at least the mint that I had didn't. It doesn't bother me. Most people I know don't dip a whole lot any how and I do it when hunting.

Drugs? My fiance has pretty much turned me against drugs. Unless you are severely ill, cancer, pneumonia, etc. I no longer worry about being a diabetic thanks to techniques that my fiance has shown me. I am not a bad diabetic so I don't have to worry too bad about my blood sugar. As far as marijuana no I haven't been around it but once and I swear to God I never want to be around it again.  I have never touched pills that weren't mine. My stepmom would tell me to take my brothers medicine and I would usually just flush whatever it was she gave me.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 2: In 10 Years

I'm loving in Huntsville so I'm praying that stays the same.
I love teaching and having a business so I have to say I hope that stays the same too.
I still want to keep exploring the world. I do not think I could ever get tired of exploring the world.
I would love to go on another mission trip at some point in the future.
I really want to start the after school program at church so we have less children by themselves at home.
I will be married by then to +Chris.
As far as what he will do in 10 years there is no telling. He may have a real empire by then.
I pray that Jackjack's cancer is gone for good so he can live a normal life.
He should have a couple of brothers and sisters by then.
I want to be involved in my kids' lives between being a strict but supportive mom. The only two things coming before my kids are my husband and God.
My kids will either go to private or homeschooled. Chris and I both hate public school (I do more than because I was there for awhile.)
I'm pretty sure that we will have family game night and family meetings (even if it's virtual.)
I want to teach my children sign language, French and Italian
I hope still have a lot of animals with our 32 fishes, 9 dogs, 3 turtles, and 2 cats.
As far as will I be a stay at home mom some but not completely.
I will raise my children as Christians and I will be a Sunday School teacher again.
I will tell them about my mistakes (seriously future daughter if he proposes after 7 days after asking you out RUN FAST! It's not love, he is lonely.)
I will let my children pick their denomination, however, I have a feeling they will come running back to Methodist real quick.
I'm going to be the wife that as soon as I hear the garage door close I'm screaming to hang up his labcoat/business coat. The one that rubs his feet and fixes his coffee in the morning and makes his lunch in the morning. (He makes mine the night before, lol, so I don't worry)
I doubt my kids will think I'm the coolest parent ever. I'll be called old school (or whatever phrase is popular then.)
Chris and I will continue to pray together before everything like we always have done so together.

So basically that's what I want in 10 years.

Review: Lush's I Love Juicy

*Gasp* I'm doing a review for the first time in two years.

I have become obsessed with this shampoo thanks to +Hunter. People take hint she is great at getting people to buy products. I don't know at the products I have bought because she has talked me into it. She doesn't even have to be looking at you and she can sell you on something.

If you read her blog you know she is super obsessed with Big Shampoo from Lush. However, that shampoo is not recommended for people who color their hair. And even though I have been letting my natural strawberry start showing I'm holding on to the last of my bleached locks! So I have been using what Hunter says is the liquid version of the shampoo Big that isn't as abrasive as Big. This is called I Love Juicy

I get an oily scalp after a regular day and a day of dry shampoo and this knocks it out!!! It's fabulous at getting hair squeaky clean. Dry shampoo, pool gunk, hair chalk, it takes it all out. I do not recommend it for daily use because that will really dry out your scalp and that's not good either for your scalp.

I can tell that it adds volume and shine. It really gives my hair a boost which my other many shampoos that I have bought before this would do but it would be the next day and back to oily and heavy. This isn't the case with this product.

The smell is a very earthy-citrus smell. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like the smell or not but I really do love it. It lathers great in your hands and in your hair. It feels like you just went to the salon. You know when you walk around the mall swishing your hair... But that might just be me that does that.

I give a 5/5 Stars. I don't think I can live without this now.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Day 1: My Relationship Status

To Chris who has my heart:

I always see myself as a superwoman; the one who is able to knock down all obstacles on her way to get what she wants for her career and personal life. This was the attitude I brought with me when I threw myself into our relationship. I found the solution for each difficulty between us, to bring us closer. I drowned myself in the feeling of loving you and immersed in the fantasy that finally I found my soul mate, my friend, my love of life. Why I know you are, I can’t explain, I just had an urge to scream out loud to the world: “THIS IS HIM!” and for the first time of my life, you are the person I dare to against the world to be with.For the first time, love just comes naturally without my acknowledgement. For the first time, I don’t have to pretend to be someone else but myself to care about.

To the rest of the world:

I do need your approval of my relationship. Chris cares about my happiness, health, and emotions more than most guys car about their cars or stupid Xboxes. I make sure he doesn't explode with stress, keep him grounded down to earth, and give him the love he deserves and needs. We have been engaged a year and 3 months now. We have overcome obstacles that some people don't go through until 20 years into a marriage. I trust Chris with everything I have. Chris has never once lied to me, withheld information? Yes. But lied, never. We have God first and that's the foundation of our relationship. I will always love and cherish him.