Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Will Be A Good Loving Mom

Sometimes I will be researching a certain quote that I know I don't have word for word. I come across some pretty interesting things at times. I have come across things that make me think, smile, cry, etc. However, I came across this (Rage of a Mother) tonight and I automatically started praying....

It shook me to the core. People hating their children? Wanting to kill them after being born? I haven taken one child development class and things shocked me in there as well. Parents who just want a child to have a child without raising them or loving them. Parents trying to make doctors believe that their child has autism or ADD or depression. I'm not saying that there are not children with these diseases, but proof is coming out that doctors and nurses are over doing it.

Parents hating their children when the child is just being a child? Hating them for laughing and squealing at night after supper just so you can watch a tv show? Not taking them to the park because you feel you need your car painted or a new video game? Or not giving them the love and support because you feel like cigarettes and drinking is that big a deal?

If all of those things are so important to you then why did you have sex? A condom only worse 98% of the time. The pill or patch? If you miss a day or start late taking it your risk or pregnancy goes up. The most effective way of not getting pregnant? No sex. I love children to death and I want my own some day, but I see these people that think they can have children and let someone else raise them and it makes me sad and frustrated.

Children are expensive. I know that. Look at the price of diapers while you are looking for condoms. Yes some people can handle it. I love watching my best friend with her kids. Yes she does get stressed, but she hardly raises her voice to them. I have another friend who clings to her child and though she may treat him like a little adult he is the smartest 4 year old I know. He is already reading a 1st grade level. People gasp and ridicule another friend because her daughter has won over 35 pageants in her short 4 year old life. That child is strong willed and determined something that will come very handy in life when people try to run over her.

Too many people let their children be run by technology and media. Yes Jackjack, my baby brother, has played with my iPad, but I make sure he has wooden blocks and other old fashion toys to play with as well. To give you an example of what I am talking Genevieve has made almost everything on her Pinterest board called Playroom Ideas and toys. Children all over her neighborhood love to play in the playroom she created for children. She spends hours making felt food so it looks real. I swear if I ever get the opportunity to vote her as mom of the year she would defiantly get it.

Genevieve adopted an 8 year old girl who is now 10 that is unlike any child I have seen. She spent her summer on a mission trip in Canada with no internet, no cellphone, no mp3 player, etc. Did Genevieve make her go? No. She went on her own. That shows real parenting! The child gave up her 3 month long summer vacation so someone else could find Christ. Yet there are people out there saying it isn't so and that God is dumb. Like my favorite youth minister used to say "I serve a living God.  While there are supposed other Gods buried and their are guards watching their tombs where their bones are buried. I serve a living God where there is nothing but an empty because He is Risen!" I loved that and it has stayed with me for almost ten years now.

I did cry and pray tonight thinking about all of this. How many parents let their children do whatever. Nobody knows their children's friend's parents anymore. Look through rape stories, over half of them are friends' parents raping the child. It's sad that it has come to this in the world. Parents don't care and don't tell their children "No." Oh sure you have the ones that claim they raised their kids right, but their child is going rampant. It used to be the children were wrong now you've got counselors and doctors disapproving because of their latest research. The latest research is crap. You have tiptoe around too many people now!

I get sick at my stomach from my blood boiling thinking about the crap that happened in high school. I had been helping my dad put up a new fence for the horses and my arms got cut up really bad. Apparently, a teacher heard word from a student and took the liberty of telling the counselor. The counselor even called my stepmom and dad telling them that I was depressed and cutting myself and maybe I needed medication. It was total crap. I sat there listening to that witch talk about how there was medication for everything. I was so mad at that teacher and supposed friend. I never spoke to either again. What makes it even worse was that teacher had almost been my favorite teacher. I rarely spoke to her again and started finding other groups and teachers to confide in.

I will raise my children on Christian values. Yes, including spanking as a last resort. It worked wonders on me. As for the thing of "Well then my child will be afraid of me." No if you do it properly then they should respect you. I guess that's why I love my dad so. I had a sort of friend's mom tell me that my dad was over protective. When talking to her I agreed, looking back tonight and thinking about her child. Nah, my dad raised me right and was loving me the way a father should have. God gave me great parents.

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