Monday, August 20, 2012


My stepmom had one of these hard shell make-up holders when I was little. It was green and purple and closed with light pink heart snap. She had kept her make-up in it, but she noticed I loved to play with the box and she put her make up away in a cabinet and gave me the caboodle! I put my paper dolls in there to keep up with all the pieces especially Disney's and Barbie's their paper dolls came with shoes.

On a side note, here lately I have been buying paper dolls on ebay and in-stores. I pray that one day I will have a daughter that they loved paper dolls as much as I did when I was a child. If not then perhaps I will have a niece that can enjoy them.

Anyhow, I never had make-up to put in it even when I got older. I know it went on to house Legos for my brother and I believe he broke it. It wasn't until the other day when I was going through my Make-Up Circle on Google+ and one of the make-up woman I follow had a post that made me squeal with delight! Phyrra was talking about a giveaway that Caboodle will be doing a give away when they get to 200k likes on Facebook. They are at 194k right now, so I'm urging you, go like Caboodles now!

There will be 25 winners that will receive many Caboodle products as well as some other sponsor goodies. However, with the trips I have coming up I can't wait until then to see if I'm even a winner. I need something to carry my make-up supplies in now for trips. I bought mine this morning while Chris was walking Abby before we both left for work. I bought the Caboodle Grande Train Case in Adore. It is houndstooth! 

I also ordered a bag to carry hair products and other make-up needs in as well. I ordered the Caboodle 'It' bag in Le Sophistique which is really several bags inside as well but you can take out and mix in what bags you do or don't want to carry.

So I am pretty excited about our Disney trips coming up. Plus these will be great for the weekends that we go to tailgate. However, I am thinking of getting one like I used to have even though it won't be two toned. I think it will be a nice childhood reminder. Who knows that might be where I keep those paper dolls until it is time to use them. :)

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