Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hakuna Matata

Soooo I will soon be adding countdown to my Disney Trips because I am so stoked. Yes I said stoked.  I have sooo much to do before then as well. I have already lined up people to watch my pets instead of me putting them in the pet hotel thank goodness because that is extremely expensive!

Quick updates:

  • Yes the blog does have ads now. It was a personal decision by me. I saw an opportunity and I went for it. I personally think they will help the blog along. 
  • I also decided that it was taking forever to load the Products I use Page so I broke them into three categories and will be fixing the links any old posts that hold the old link.
  • Two of my favorite people in the world are starting to blog this weekend. One has had a blog for a while but she is revamping her style and concepts. The other is a side you all have been dying to hear from on some of my subjects. Chris, himself, will be blogging from now on.
So anyhow back to today's post... Our Night of Joy concert is less than 35 days away and I'm still shocked at the room we got. The Art of Animation is where we decided to stay since it's going to be 2 guys and me (yes I know totally weird but let me finish.) The Art of Animation feature family style rooms. Meaning two bedrooms (kinda but there are 3 beds!), 2 bathrooms, a kitchenette, and a living room area. 

The themes to the rooms are Lion King, Cars, and Nemo. We all voted  against the Nemo room, and so that left us with Cars (which Chris was rooting for) or Lion King (which Frankie was rooting for). I personally didn't care as long as it wasn't finding Nemo. I find that movie annoying for some reason. Maybe it's because the guy behind me in Calculus II in high school kept poking my butt and going "Look at me I'm going to touch the butt."

At any rate, we got a new fixing to be release Lion King room. (They are being opened to the public August 10, 2012.) Frankie is really excited which makes me happy because I don't think he gets excited about much. Trust me though we have a slight argument over the sleeping arrangements. I think Frankie should get the room with with a door, however, the brothers have teamed up against me. I finally caved and just going along with it because Frankie said he doesn't want to stress over. So he will have the let down bed and Chris will have the couch bed. 

We also decided to do a plain dining plan which is just a table service, counter service and snack credit. We decided on Ohana for breakfast on Saturday and on lunch at Sci-Fi and breakfast again on Sunday Norway with the Princesses. I think it will be a great trip for us all. 


Sci Fi Drive- Thru

Akershus Breakfast

The places to eat are enough to make me excited. Though, I guess I am most excited about is getting Frankie away for a few days. I know its a little drastic, but he has stared at the same 4 walls. I'm not talking about the rest of us who have homes and sit in our bedrooms. I'm talking about for the past 6 years 85% of the time he has been in a bed staring at 4 walls.

So I'm really excited about letting him have some fun. Just something to help forget that he has a disease that has no cure. I want him to have a good life. I barely know him yet he has been a great friend and has told me some secrets about Chris which amuse me. I just think he deserves some free time. 

I'm super excited though between the room, concert, and places to eat it's going to be so much fun. Well anyhow, enjoy your Saturdays!

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