Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yo ho Yo ho

I love pirates! And after watching the episode of NCIS from the 7th season about pirates this was stuck in my mind....

I adore Johnny Depp when he portraying Captain Jack Sparrow! Love love love it! I do think I need to watch that movie now. All of them! I love Hans Zimmer music. The guy is bloody brilliant he has done work the PoC, Harry Potter and of course ALABAMA FOOTBALL!!! 

Yes, my old self has returned. I am soooo thankful for that. Nap during the day is always going to happen now. Or sleeping later. I'm ecstatic. Ok one of my first things, I have a new kitty! I am allowed apparently just 2 pets. But I can have aquarium or caged animals also in addition to my 4 legged friends that might wander outside. Alas, my little ginger fluff ball looks like Crookshanks therefore, viola! Crookshanks is my little furball now. He is not the one I wanted to begin with the other cat was being looked at by a different family and I wanted fluff ball bad. It was completely worth $125 fees to adopt!

I cannot wait to shop at PetSmart this weekend! Chris and I did stop by Walmart on our way back from VBS last nigh. I bought the basics until I can go to the pet store. Though for some reason the furball has taken to Chris more than me. Chris says I need to stop talking in the baby voice and be firm. I guess so. 

We are having so much fun at VBS this week. From what I hear Chris really moved some teenagers about waiting until they are married to have sex. I was not there to witness that but the director at the church was very astounded. Which makes my heart swell, knowing that God is using him to make a difference. That is really what matters in life.

My hairsbows that I won from The Cherry Doll Face arrived at the beginning of the week!

Everyone who has me on Facebook, knows I'm constantly forgetting about my box in the main building. Sorry living in a condo now and having to go to a different building to get my mail is still new to me. I swear to you I had went to the mailbox that day and I'll be dang if when Chris went early the next morning and there was more there! I had picked up the day's before mail. Go figure. So anyhow Chris was laughing because I'm cutting this package with precision (I didn't want to accidently cut a bow in half) and it was taped really good. Part of me still couldn't believed that I had won the giveaway. Weird because I almost didn't watch the winner video because I never win anything.

I was so excited the other morning when I opening them up. It was just hard to believe really. Though they are now on my hairbow organizers and the ring is in my jewelry box, I did manage to snap a picture with Hannah's camera that afternoon of the complete giveaway winnings. 

I have already worn the pink one. I wore it with the pink VBS shirt last night. I didn't wear mine like Cherry did in her video I put it on the crown of my head where my ponytail was. I really like them. I love the pin buttons as well. The green on went on my I.D. lanyard for work. The pink one might go on my student one. 

I have my first doctor's appointment here in Huntsville, that isn't with a pediatrician, tomorrow. In a way, I am looking forward to it. Getting pricked and poked and other things isn't going to bother me because it finally means I am an adult who can do things on her own. I have my own insurance, money, place to live, and made my own decision about transferring schools and getting a pet. It is nice not having to depend on anyone for money, decisions, and ideas. It is finally my own life. I am living it!

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