Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Makes Me Smile When He Calls Himself Snape!

❒ Single ❒ Taken ❒ Waiting for someone who loves me as much as Severus Snape loved Lily Evans Potter ✔ I love my boyfriend and I hope he loves me as much as Severus Snape loved Lily Evans Potter

Everyone keeps telling us we should get married. Now we have both had our ideas and it may come to that before now we love what we have. We enjoy our time spent apart and together. Many people just gasps, yes even apart we have a good time. It's something we both like to call our lives without one another. I always think about the episode of Friends where Rachel finally has a job she loves and Ross cannot stand the fact that he can't just waltz into her work anymore. I never felt sympathy for Ross during that. I always sided with Rachel.

I read so many blogs and I know Chris does too. I believe it is what separates him from most guys... He reads. Not comics, or Playboy but real things. We both love Google Reader and honest we have spent hours beside each other reading blogs and showing each other things. (It's even funnier when both of us take out our contacts and we are sitting there with our glasses on so we look like an old couple.) We have a lot of the same interests and some that aren't the same. 

He LOVES baseball. (And has a wicked curve ball.) I prefer football. He can spend forever watching the Discovery Channel. I prefer the Travel Channel. Though, we do compromise and watch the History Channel together. I have had a few people ask what does he do on his off days with his friends. My answer has always shocked people. He volunteers at hospitals, retirement homes, and other places. He spends a good bit of time with his family. He reads (and I thought I read a lot until I went through his Kindle.) He loves woodworking these days since he has learned how.

Honestly, that's how I sum up what Chris does. He learns and loves learning. There has not be a day when he doesn't say "Guess what I learned today!?" It always makes me smile, because it's never something dull. Like it will be some random fact. My other favorite question (strangely this comes from a lot of my family), "Does he never get on your nerves?" Really? Yes. To the point where I get mad; no. He tries to be the best that he can be. We rarely get upset with one another.

One of the reason I think we don't get upset with each other is because we pretty much accept everything. We had to reschedule a date we had been dying to do since the beginning of the summer because my cousin got married that night. (See how much I love you Bridgitte?) We both realize that things happen and won't always work in our favor. We both agreed to make the best of the time we have together.

It's a policy of our to laugh atleast once together. Trust me it happens a lot more than once. We never stop laughing because we are both such nerds about different things. He starts talking in weird voice or singing. Omg, he is going to kill me for writing this in public but I don't care because if that Publix didn't take their security camera and put the video of him dancing with the turkey on Youtube boy are they missing out.

Seriously, I had went to get milk and I turn around and there is my boyfriend, slow dancing with a frozen turkey. I know I walked away like I didn't know him since a little lady was watching him (probably wondering what the heck he was smoking.)

Though I must add he isn't the only weirdo and trust me I'm admitting to this. Chris has a Benz coupe convertible and well, you know that feeling when a favorite old song of yours comes on? The Oh-My-God-I-Gotta-Sing-and-dance-like-a-lunatic feeling comes over you and you just bust out. Well we were driving back from Bridgitte's wedding and that freak I'm with has Dream's "He Loves U Not." I'm not ashamed to say that was a favorite of mine in middle school. I was defiantly busting some moves in the passenger seat and we were stopped at a stop light and started singing to a group of girls in the next car. Then they shot me the bird and Chris kissed me on the cheek. Oh it was awesome.

Yes we are really that weird. It's been apparent since we started dating. We can't even go see a movie like people would usually do. We had to go see our movie at a Drive-in. Our dates are usually out there. Our tonight? We are going to the range to let me learn how to shoot since I got my pistol permit. That's right this girl can own a pistol. Don't judge me, I don't plan on getting rape or abused by anybody. Trust me, pepper spray and tazer just don't make me feel safe at night. Or in case of the last time somebody tried coming into my apartment my shoe and the skillet.

We are extremely weird and we don't plan on changing that anytime soon. From Chris executing me (Sorry Frankie and Maria) to me "going down" on Chris (really dad?!?!?) Btw apparently neither one of those things happened. One of the things I love about Chris. We have agreed that we aren't keeping things that could hurt our relationship a secret but we aren't telling each other everything. That's where the magic lives (ya know besides Hogwarts. Lol and Chris said, "Remember Hogwarts is a secret place.") We love spending time in the present and thinking of the future. Every so often a story from the past will escape one of us. Which is usually one our laughs for the day.

"The things you do today become stories of tomorrow." I love that sooooo much! It's my goal to have more pages to my life than Stephanie Meyers and J.K. Rowlings combine. Yep I am that big of a nerd. Just remember nerds were cool enough to have a candy named after them.

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