Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review: Wishes!

No matter how old I am or who I am with I will always get chill bumps from this. A comment on Youtube sums up the feeling: "When watching Wishes you forget everything bad in your life and just get to live even if its for only for 10 minutes." Understand this is not a once a week thing this a twice a night show. I love it so much. They do different versions of it for holidays. We get to see Halo-Wishes in September and October. 

My family thinks I'm weird because I bought the sountrack to the firework show. Yes the video above I can sing and say it word for word especially from 9:15 on. I can literally go on from there without missing a beat. To me it is like reliving the dreams of your childhood. The wishes that come true while you are at Disney. I guess that's why Disney is so much fun for people, you begin to realize that your wishes as a kid can still come true.

I hope your wishes will come true. 

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