Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quite Remarkable....

Yep 100 degree weather, sun beating down and I spent the day at Warp Tour. It was so worth it. I'm exhausted. I was really thankful for my iPad though during the bands that I didn't care for hearing their music. I did have a good time though. I met the girl that I watch religiously do hair tutorials and is also the one I won the giveaway from a couple of weeks ago. She was so awesome.

Apparently, an old friend of mine has become OBSESSED with my blog and basically me. I didn't realize it until she literally quoted my blog. So shout out to her. You know who you are.

Anyhow, yes I have become obsessed with Pottermore. I wasn't very happy my first time on it and I deleted my account and started from scratch and in a better mood. I know have a new wand and was sorted in.... wait for it.... GRYFFINDOR!!! And Chris got Slytherin when he played this morning. It is awesome having a boyfriend that isn't as obsessed but still obsessed nonetheless.

So we are spending tonight and tomorrow in Atlanta. I have a couple of things I want to do over here because when I get back I have to start cracking down on getting back into school mode. Which just so everyone knows most of my classes are online except for a Mondays and Wednesdays night class and a Thursdays night class. I am taking 5 classes so 15 hours this semester. I have to get my books and things. I am excited, however, because this is something I think will help me grow.

Blog updates.... Pottermore, Tumblr, and Twitter owls can be found in the right hand corner now. New music has been added. Oh the Products I Use updates almost every day though there is a new section I've been meaning to add. As well as some make-up products to add to the page. On the side now there is a Widget that shows books those are the books I recommend so I will be taking down the section marked books I recommend and probably will be changing that to movies. Also I have accomplished over 75 things on my summer Bucket List. It's more like 80 things at this point. On Wednesdays now there is an extra category that posts can fall into on that day which is awareness. I'll be posting about the organizations I give to and that I think are important.

So new in my life, Chris has gave me two rings. This is an odd sort of story. He had originally gave me a ring with a heart with a cross in it. It was too big and while he was at the jewelry store his eyes "fell on the most perfect promise ring." (Those are his exact words.) Now I loved the cross with heart rings but I am just speechless at my infinity ring. To me in represents a lot more. I know I know... *GASPS* But it does. Infinity means a lot of things to me like, God's love, Chris's love, and the word ALWAYS comes to mind.... Yep Harry Potter fan through and through.

I am sort of ready to get home, I miss my animals and work. Well I'll be back soon enough. I've fixing to go enjoy the pool of the hotel. Check back tomorrow for a post that means a lot to me.

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