Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's Not an Obsession...

Hello, hello, hello, hello! Today has been a great day! I for one I had awesome time with my oldest baby brother.

Anyhow continuing with this week Disney theme, I might obsess over making sure I have EVERYTHING for the trip.

Like Chris and I are driving, yes Chris has an iPhone with GPS and 3 different apps with driving directions, however, cellphone towers sometimes do go out or are being worked on so I am printing out maps.

 I print out Touring Plans which enables us to make the most of our day with predicting how bad the crowds will be plus how long wait lines are. I do these for each park and day.

I like to be prepared for things, I have 3 different packing lists. I print out cute invitations and on the back I print out the confirmation number from the Disney website.

I have a 3 inch, 3 ring binder to house all of my organizing, from Packing Lists, and checklists for my place to Maps, a hotel for over night stay on the way there, to our hotel when we get there information (like maps, tips, hidden Mickey heads), to Park plans which is the Touring Plans and photo opportunity cue cards, to a Dining Section with Restaurants reservations, snack credit lists, to a Section about budgeting, to a section about Future Disney trips and the Harry Potter section for Universal Studio. I am having to add two small sections that I have not gotten to yet for Horror Nights at Universal and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

I have made a Disney Countdown to go in my living room to remind me how many days I have left to get everything organized.

I also do envelopes for all money keeping. I prefer cash and gift cards while traveling. The envelopes you see below marked Mousekeeping is for house keeping tips to leave out each day. It is a common thing at Disney to leave $1 per person each day. I like to do mine daily because the same person does not clean the room each time. I made mine for mine and Chris's even though we are sharing a Grand Villa at Bay Lake Tower with Erica and Matthew.

(Thank you Brittany for the great images!)

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