Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy, I'm Not

So while it was 3:15 a.m. it was thundering, lightning and raining. My puppy was beside me whimpering while my cat was behind me on the couch hiding under a pillow. I have too much on my mind right now. Tuesdays are usually my favorite days, apparently that will not be the case today unless somethings radically change.

1) I have called the school so that I can pay for my classes. I only have 2 more days to do that. The best part it won't let me log in to do that online. Which royally ticks me off. And reason why? Their servers are down and they don't know when it will be coming up! If I lose my classes I might go insane.

2) This problem cannot be rectified I have a feeling for a while. Pottermore has only released part of book 2 and I finished it up about 2-3 hours ago. So I can either brew potions or duel which really bite.

3) This headache won't go away. I've taken Tylenol but it does not appear to be working. I just want some relief.

4) It storm all morning so I didn't get to go running. I love my running helps me think and helps me relieve stress. I will probably do some yoga, but I'm not sure yet.

On a better note, I have come up with some great blogging topics. I was a little worried I was coming into a slump, but I overcame the drought of no inspiration. That in itself is a great accomplishment to me. I think I was just overcome with some things going on in my life. I sat down and thought about some things I really think I should write about.

Chris is fixing to start his own blog and is now on Pottermore. He also made a Pinterest and showed me up on there already. Though I love looking up his pins because it shows me what kind of a man he is.

So for the rest of the day, since I'm now home because school has made me sick at my stomach, I will be on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, and trying to get into the school's website.

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