Saturday, July 21, 2012

Disney Trips of the Future

Sorry but like Thursday, you are only getting one post today. Yesterday was exhausting, fun, but exhausting.
Work, racing to get ready and look good to take a 3-4 hour drive to Tuscaloosa to watch my cousin get married, and then Chris and I spent the ENTIRE reception dancing. Though, I did break off from Chris to dance with Mack and Edward. Those kids are so sweet.

Anyhow, last Disney post for a while. Everyone knows that I now have 3 Disney trips at least in my future. I have the beginning of September, end of September-October, and then next year's cruise to Alaska. There are still many things I want to do with Disney.

For instance, I want to visit the Disney parks I haven't been to yet. Disneyland Hong Kong, Shanghai Disney Resort, Tokoyo Disney and the newest one Aulani Hawaii Resort. Not to mention the hundreds of Disney Adventures all over the world!

Chris and I have discussed on the easiest trip to takes and that's the ones to Disney World. We want to go during Thanksgiving (the restaurants make special meals), Valentine's Day (extra romance), Easter (the Easter Bunny Comes), Disney World (THE ENTIRE PLACE is decorated, I've been there twice while it was decorated but I want to experience it with Chris), and of course our honeymoon. We are debating going to the World or Disneyland Paris. We are defiantly going back to Paris soon which thrills me!

Disney World is a truly where dreams come true. Hogwarts is where the Magic lives. :)

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