Monday, July 16, 2012


If this still came on I'd be in heaven! I love working out and getting in shape as you can probably already tell.
I stay fit by trying to eat healthy (we all fall off that wagon), running aerobics, swimming, and Pilates.

I am going to list my gear that I have the above activities.
First thing I have a gym bag... I know I'm really old school. 
I use a High Sierra Crunk Trunk Duffel. I love it! It has a spot for everything when I got to run. (I keep my aerobic and most of my yoga and Pilate things at home.)

Froggtoggs Towel
Nathan Quickdraw Plus Handheld water bottle
Nuun tablets in flavors banana, strawberry-lemonade, lemon-lime
A change of clothes and I will admit I have a bit of brand loyalty. I love Under Armor. Their shirts (long sleeve, and short sleeves), their shorts, and their underwear, is all amazing.
Now I carry extra sport bras, just depends on how I feel on what bra I wear because sometimes I just double the bras and run in that.
I have Timex that clocks my laps.
Nike Shox Roadster are my running shoes.
ASICS Women's Gel-Blur33 are my walking shoes. There is a different unlike what many people think. Running shoes have different laces, arches, and are more durable than just a walking shoe or tennis shoe.

The links below are everything I use for fitness minus a few books and odds and ends.


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