Tuesday, July 3, 2012


So this is just going to be an update of things here:

Blog wise:

  1. I have added an about me. I hated the Google + profile. I find it hard to navigate. 
  2. New Music Player! Let me know what music you want to hear. (Go for vintage type music)
  3. The Owls in the top right hand corner lead you to Facebook, Pinterest, and RSS feed.
  4. I have added Pages:

    • Calendar - To help me and you figure out what I am doing on a certain day.
    • Products I Use - There a very few times I do not buy from Amazon. I will let you know in the posts when I don't buy from Amazon. 
    • Inspiration - Where and who I get inspiration on life.
    • Shopping List - Let me know if you have used any of the products I am wanting to try.
Training For Disney:

I have a running partner now and its great. I have seriously embraced training. If you want to get into fitness I highly recommend Greatist - Fitness. They also have Health and Happiness. 


We are having a huge pool party tomorrow and then we are just having a big bash with fireworks and food. Its going to be so much fun. There will also be a few games as well. Then Saturday I will be decorating my room for VBS which will be even more fun this coming week. 


I am going to vintage shops, flea markets, etc with some friends of mine. I am seriously considering going to Rockabilly Weekend in Las Vegas. I have plenty of clothes that I am in the midst of cleaning and I trying new hairdos all the time. 


We are really good. We celebrated our first month as a steady couple. Wine, Italian food, a quilt, the Bible, talking and some candles was what our night concisted of for our anniversary.
We made a list of rules for our relationship and it will prove to help us a lot. We made it completely fair talked each one of them out:
  1. Respect each others morals and values. 
  2. Remaining to stay pure. Some what reiterating but it is a big one.
  3. No living together at all until/or if we get married.
  4. Telling the truth no matter how much it hurts the other person that includes with holding the truth.
  5. Treating each other how we want to be treated.
  6. Respecting each other's family and friends no matter who they are or what they have done to us in the past.
  7. Be brave for each other.
  8. Help each other even if it just means encouraging words.
  9. Loyal to each other - No cheating and standing up for someone.
  10. Coming to each other with cheerful attitude if only for the greeting then discussing the problem at hand. No lashing to begin with at the start of the conversation.
  11. Cutting back on swearing and cursing (this was mostly him, but I have a temper as well.)
  12. Each day tell each other something NEW that we like about them.
  13. Encourage our spiritual growth, and dreams
  14. Never go to bed angry at each other.
  15. Do not blame each other. 
  16. Never criticize in public or to each other friends. Talk directly.
  17. Do not interrupt each other while talking about something serious.
  18. Focus on making this a productive relationship.
  19. Always say Roll Tide
  20. Stay Clean for each other
A lot of people think we are weird. We have agreed that from now on when we first greet each other instead of kissing grasping each other's hand and taking a tiny, two second prayer thanking the Lord for each other then kissing or hugging. It a good thing because I can't thank God enough for him.

We connect on more than friendship or even love. We truly enjoy everything. Don't believe me ask him. You will soon get the opportunity to for he is creating his own blog. 

That's all of the updates at the moment! 

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