Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time....

Nope this is isn't about Christmas, this is my other religion! Well another one of my religions!

Yep the new American past time. The state where I live make it a point to make a religion. Trust me I know people who have a hard time being friends during the football season because they don't go for the same team. Though my favorite are the couples that are split. A couple that I count as some of my closest friends are like that. She is a DIE-HARD, Obsessive LSU fan (plus she was a cheerleader for them) and her husband played for Auburn Tigers. Yet they are the couple that has been about each other forever. They have so much fun together. Trust me you will need stitches if you hang out with them during the football season. 

What team do I pull for? Well the one that has the most National Championships and not to mention I went to school there for a year as well. Ala-Freakin'-Bama! I get goosebumps watching the pregame videos because if you are at an SEC Alabama game... You are a part of history! 

I love the stadium vibe. It goes crazy when you see tackles from years ago you can hear the whole stadium going "Ooooh - Ooooopmf!" Watch below (and this is just this years A-Day game):

The thing that gives me the most chill bumps is 5 things 1) Hearing Bear Bryant say "I'd like people to remember me as a winner, because I ain't never been nothing but a winner." And trust me when you hear him say that it goes crazy. 2) The Million Dollar Band playing the Alabama Fight Song when the team takes the field. 3) Sweet Home Alabama with it's Roll Tide Roll thrown in there 4) Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer give 'em Hell Alabama! (Music to my ears!)  5) The elephant on the jumbotron.

Below is my honorable mention chilling.... THIS DUDE Rocks!

Trust me I've been going to these games since I was 3 years old. I love the feel of the stadium shaking, the crazy people before the game. I've gotten up at 4 in the morning and sat outside under a tent talking to random people, but we all have one thing in common love for the Tide. It is a very emotional day every Saturday.

So my post for today since this is Saturday and is suppose to be on things happening in the future? Oh you guessed it! Chris has got us tickets to all but 2 games and one we can't go to! I am so freaking excited. Chris has awesome season tickets anyhow since his grandfather started getting season tickets years ago but we are talking away games too! That's right my dearies this lady here is heading to Dallas Cowboy Stadium!

09/01/12 vs. Michigan Arlington, Texas (Cowboys Stadium) 7 p.m. CT**
09/08/12 vs. Western Kentucky Tuscaloosa, Ala. 2:39 p.m. CT**
09/15/12 at Arkansas * Fayetteville, Ark. 2:30 p.m. CT
09/22/12 vs. Florida Atlantic Tuscaloosa, Ala. TBA**
09/29/12 vs. Ole Miss * Tuscaloosa, Ala. TBA (I will not be at this one)
10/13/12 at Missouri * Columbia, Mo. TBA
10/20/12 at Tennessee * Knoxville, Tenn. TBA**
10/27/12 vs. Mississippi State * Tuscaloosa, Ala. TBA**
11/03/12 at LSU * Baton Rouge, La. 7 p.m. CT**
11/10/12 vs. Texas A&M * Tuscaloosa, Ala. TBA**
11/17/12 vs. Western Carolina Tuscaloosa, Ala. TBA**
11/24/12 vs. Auburn * Tuscaloosa, Ala. TBA**

We aren't going to Arkansas or Missouri which is fine and Chris has already sold the Ole Miss game ticket. Sad he doesn't have the tickets yet and people are already paying out the nose for it.

Chris has already requested no Friday nights or to work on ANY Saturdays. We will be RVing with everyone else since Chris and Frankie have joint ownership of the RV. We might even bring Frankie with us. Now I told Chris I do NOT mind if Frankie is feeling up to it to let him go instead of me. I'll be fine at home doing whatever.

(The tshirt above is one that I have and it was epic of the softball team!)

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