Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Disney Survey!

Disney until you're blue in the face
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Your Disney Childhood
What was that one Disney movie you watched over and over?:Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Polyanna, P of C, Halloweentown
Who was the character all over your stuff?:Um two of them Sleeping Beauty and Pocahontas
Who was the villain you were terrified of?:Maleficent
The Princesses
Who is your favorite Disney heroine/princess?:The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Who is the prettiest Disney princess?:Belle
Who is the ugliest?:Snow White
Who is the funniest?:Rapunzel
Who has the best singing voice?:Aurora
The Princes:I love them!
Who is your favorite Disney Hero/prince?:Bernard!!!!!! The mouse
Who is the hottest Disney Prince?:Def the Beast
Who is the ugliest?:Eric
Who is the funniest?:Naveen
The Romances
Who is your favorite Disney Couple?:Bernard and Bianca
Who is your least favorite?:Cinderella and
Who has the best kiss?:Maid Marian and Robin Hood
Who has the best 'Happily Ever After'?:Up!
The Villains
Who is your favorite Disney Villain?:Dr. Facilier
Who is the scariest?:Jafar or Maleficent
The funniest?:The AC in the Brave Little Toaster
The hottest?:Gaston
Who has the best death/defeat?:Gaston
The Parents
Who is your favorite Disney Mom?:The mom in Toy Story
Who is your favorite Disney Dad?:The dad from Beauty and the Beast
The Animals
Who is your favorite Disney Dog?:Pongo
Your favorite Disney Cat?:Oliver
Your favorite Disney Elephant?:Dumbo
Your favorite Disney Bear?:Pooh!
Your favorite Disney Animal character in general?:I can't pick
Your favorite Disney Animal movie?:There are way too many
What is your favorite live-action Disney film?:Pirates of the Carribean, Polyanna,
Your least favorite?:Honey I shrunk the kids
Who is the Disney Character You most look like?
Post your photo next to this Character's image:.....Can't
What is your favorite Disney Villain Song?:Be Prepared
Your favorite Disney Romance Song?:Love - Robin Hood
Your favorite Disney Song in general?:Too many!!!!
Once Upon a Time
What is your favorite Disney opening sequence?:The Little Mermaid
Your least favorite?:Sleeping Beauty
Happily Ever After
What is your favorite Disney Ending?:Robin Hood
Your least favorite (IT SHOULDN'T HAVE ENDED THAT WAY!!!):Pocahontas.... She was suppose to go for John Smith
What is your favorite Disney Pixar film?:Cars and Toy Story
Your least favorite Disney Pixar film?:The Incredibles
Babies (Awww)
Who is the cutest Disney Baby?:Pooh!!!!! Lol Tarzan of the movies though
Who is the ugliest Disney Baby?:Idk
What is your favorite Disney Princess gown?:Bella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What is your favorite Disney Outfit in general?:I liked
Slash and Fandom
Who are the two Disney characters you secretly wish were together?:Idk
What is your Disney Guilty Pleasure? (you shouldn't have enjoyed it but you:Lotsa Bear
What is your favorite Disney fanart?:Idk
Disney World
What is your favorite part of Disney World?:Hollywood Studio and the characters
Your least favorite?:People who don't research before coming....UGH! I spend months planning my trip!
Who was your favorite character to meet?:Doug! Eyore
The Future of Disney
If you could pick the next Disney film, what would you pick?:I want something like the older movies
Would it be animated? If so, traditional or 3D?:Traditional
What is the Disney film you are excited for the most?:Monster Inc 2 and the next P of C
Almost Disney
What is your favorite non-Disney animated film?:The Swan Princess
What is your least favorite?:Secret of Nihm
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