Friday, July 20, 2012


Sorry about not post yesterday. I had an off day that was spent with family and the boyfriend. So back to Disney week.

Okay, if you are a follower of my blog you know today is Friday and you are sitting there thinking "Disney and religion?" Yep I'm about to rock your world with a Disney/Religion post. When I go on vacation the only religious things I carry is my Bible and Bible notebook. I don't take my devotional books, or my millions of reference books. So I had to find a way to still have structured Bible reading because I cannot stand just opening the Bible and reading without a cause or purpose.

The answer to my problem was a quick search online. 3 Minute Retreat is an excellent website and perfect for my purpose. It really is what it says it is. Just 3 minutes of devotional time in the morning as I'm getting ready while at Disney will be great. It even gives a prayer at the end of the retreat.

The only con to it is that sometimes the music can get a little annoying. I liked it one day and the next I had to turn it off though I think it was because I was tired and had a headache. Other than that the website is a great one for minute devotions.

I love the background pictures while watching the retreat it helps me to feel more calmly and relaxed.
I hope this helps you on your trips and daily life! God Bless

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