Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review: Revolve Devotional Bible: The Complete Bible for Teen Girls

Revolve Devotional Bible: The Complete Bible for Teen Girls

I first came across this company because they are the company that produces Biblezines. Biblezines are the Bible in magazine form. Most either the New testament or specific books from the Old testament. They contain quizzes, articles, and exact help geared toward young adults. I love the products because they are easy to read. 

Their forms of the Bible whether it be the devotional Bible, the Biblezines, or their devotional books are in the very easy to read format of, New Century Version. 

It has quizzes and verses that mean so much to life. My favorite thing in the cardstock colored pages are the scavenger hunts. I have so much fun doing those with the younger kids and teens. They like to make a game out of it.
At the beginning of each book of the Bible it gives a great description of the time, write and history around the time the certain book was written. Also it gives highlights to pay attention to while reading.
New Version instead of the pink and blue.

This is my Bible above. I use Crayola Twistable colored pencils to highlight in my Bible because it does not bleed through to the next pages. I highly recommend doing that.

My only problem with this Bible is the subject reference is not big or broad. To me it felt like it was ignoring the taboo subjects and sometimes that's the only way to get a teen or person to read is to read about the taboo subjects.

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