Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Little Late But Here

My Ultimate Disney Survey
Created by wunderkind319 and taken 99 times on Bzoink
The Famous Characters
Can you name the Fab Five?:Mickey, Goofy, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy
Which of the Fab Five is your favorite?:Daisy
Why?:She has great style and has to put up with Donald
Which one do you like the least?:Goofy
Why?:He gets on my nerves sometimes
The Movie Characters
Who's the prettiest Disney Princess?:Belle
Who's the ugliest Disney Princess?:Snow White
Who's the greatest Disney Prince?:Prince John the phony king of England!
Who's the best villain?:The Queen
Why?:She intrigued me and she killed Snow White who annoyed me
Who's the most pathetic villain?:Frollo
Why?:He was just terrible
Who's your favorite animal character?:Bianca
Which animated Disney Character could be your look-alike?:Aurora
Have you ever dressed up as a Disney Character? If so, which ones?:Pleanty of them I love Cosplay!!!!
Are there any Disney Characters that you simply cannot stand?:Some
Which movie had the best theme?:The Rescuers
Which movie had the best story?:Robin Hood
Which movie did you laugh the most at?:Princess and the Frog
Which movie made you cry?:Up
If you were sucked into one of the Disney movies, which would you prefer?:Sword in the Stone
Which Disney movie (besides sequels) probably shouldn't have been made?:Wall-E
Are you sick of the sequels?:Sometimes of the old ones yes
The Parks
Have you ever been to Disneyland?:Yes
Have you ever been to Disney World?:Yes
Have you been to any of the other Disney Parks around the world?:Disney Land PAris
Which park is the best?:Disney World - Hollywood Studio
Why?:I just love the atmosphere
What's your favorite ride?:Tower of Terror
What's your least favorite ride?:Dinosaur
How many times have you been to a Disney Park?:Over 15 times
How old are you?:23
How old did you act while you were in Disney?:Lol its a mixture
Who have you been to Disney with?:Mostly just family and friends but trips are planned with me and Chris
Would you go back?:I am going back
Why or why not?:I love it
Did you get autographs and/or pictures with your favorite characters?:Yes
Which character is your favorite picture/s with?:I can't pick Eyore
Would you ever work for Disney?:Probably not unless to draw a movie
How many hidden Mickeys have you found?:Tons!
Would you remember where they were if you went back?:Yep
Which is the best show at Disney?:Wishes
Which is the best restaurant?:....I can't pick
Which is the best hotel on Disney property?:I haven't stayed at all of them yet but Kidani was def up there!
Briefly describe your greatest memory at a Disney park.:Tyler in a black trash bag, Georgette in a white one. Going down summit plummit
Are there any other amusement parks in the world that compare to Disney?:No
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