Friday, November 23, 2012

Vherbal Holiday

I caught up with Vherbal again. He has released a Christmas snippet which brings us into the Christmas festivities on my blog. Starting next week on Fridays will be review day and Sunday will be religious posts. I'm doing this in honor of the Advent season. It will be a lot of fun and every night something new will be posted along with the regular post because I do enjoy Christmas and I want you to as well. Without further ado here is the latest interview with the Christian rapper, Vherbal;

What has happened since the last interview?
"Thugged out was awesome. Was one of the new ones."
Where do you gain inspiration?
"Everyday experiences"
Does the world events like other states accepting gay marriage affect your songs?
"Try not to dab my fingers in that. I don't want to offend anybody. There is a few things like the hurricane that came through though."
What can be expected in the next few months?
"A new little cd and see where my music can go like iTunes, hardcopy cds. A complete short cd. Defientely would love to do shows."
Where are looking for shows?
"Close to my surroundings. Funds are short right now but I would like to go further in the future."
What are your plans for the holidays? Musical and non-musical?
"Musical working on a Christmas song. Snippet was released today. Non-musical hangout with family."
Any charity events?
"Charity events are hard to get into. The staff has a mindset. As of right now not at the moment."
New merchandise what is available?And where?
"Unified movement. Jesus saved my life tshirts and bags can be purchased at Cafepress."
Are you doing a holiday discount? 
"Holiday discounts are available for the mailing lists."
Do you have a street team?
"No official street team."
Congrats on getting 50 Likes on Facebook. 
"50 Likes was a monumental moment for me. It was great to me. It took a long time to happen. The person that was the 50th like will get a snippet song. 100 like  would get like a tshirt or something. Follow me on Twitter as well." 
Saturday 7:34 on Livestream.

Website: Vherbal
Merchandise: Vherbal's Merchandise

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