Saturday, November 10, 2012

Unashamed in Grey

If you are a personal friend on my Facebook, if you follow me on Twitter, or if you follow me on Pinterest then you must know I have become obsessed with E. L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. I realize many Christian people do not agree with these books. That it's like men watching porn. Honestly? I don't see where it hurts if the woman knows her husband is watching it.

Strange part of me reading this series? Chris and I read it together the first time. I would a chapter out loud and then he would. I loved that. I am completely a virgin and have been for a while. Come on, I didn't even realize gays and lesbians existed until the 8th grade, and on a side note I didn't learn about what you do during sex until the 6th grade. I guess what gets me is how I found how you have sex, reading! Which is ironic because that's how Chris learned so much about sex. I guess I just read vanilla sex books until I was junior in high school and then I got my first Cosmopolitan.

Did these books change Chris' and mine's relationship? Yes. For bad? No. We learned a lot about each other. He opened up more about his past and I opened up about mine. Then there was a revelation between us. The sex talk in our relationship. We have had several these that we want to wait until we are married, but this one was different as Chris held me and turned me around me asked about afterwards.

Not going to lie my conscience had a book moment.... "OMG! He REALLY wants to marry me!" I asked him what did he mean. He asked what about sex after I get married and especially if we got married. I was taken back. I always think of sensual but then I realize that the sex in this book wasn't always, if rarely, sensual. I told him that I was up for anything.... as long as I was marrying him. Which is the truth. If Chris is the man that is God wants me to give my virginity to then I have full trust in him. Even if he has some of the same issues as Christian Grey.

Chris isn't that messed up, but only border lining. He has warned me since the first night that he wasn't normal. I knew that much since Ridge and them talk about him all the time. So in the future I hope to be marrying my own version of Christian Grey. I personally think that if you take out the fact that the sex between them is not normal then it's your average romance novel.

And yes gray is a color and Grey is a name.

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