Tuesday, November 27, 2012

S. U. R....

I assure you that I am going to get all the posts done today but now:

Your Beliefs
Are you religious? If so, what's your religion?
I am, & I'm a christian.

Is it the same as your parents?
It is

Do you believe in heaven & hell?
i do believe in heaven & hell.

How do you feel about gay rights?
I don't agree with it. If the Bible states it's wrong then why allow it? It's like saying murder is ok. Life isn't about happiness it's about doing God's will.

Liberal or conservative?

How do you feel about polygamy?
I don't agree with it what so ever.

Are you spiritual or religious or scientific?
I'm a mixture between religious and spiritual and scientific. If the scientist think the Big Bang theory happened who is to say it didn't, because God may have very well have let that happen.

Your personality :)
Describe yourself in 3 words:
Kind, Determined, and Soft

What do people usually think about you on first impression?
People think I'm quiet and naive

What is a really really good trait of yours?
That I determined about things.

What's something you need to work on?
I need to work on not taking things so seriously, I think.

Do you laugh a lot? Yes

Do you make people laugh a lot?
I seem to, yes.

Where are you happiest at?
My house, With my family, my friends & at church.

Who are you happiest with?
my family, my friends & church family.

What is the greatest thing you have ever experienced?
Unconditional love and acceptance

What is your philosophy on life?
Live it God's way and life really can be a fairy tale

What irritates the absolute CRAP out of you?
People who feel like they own others, people who think they deserve credit for everything, women who don't work, and

What is your biggest "7 Deadly Sin"?

What do people compliment you most on?
My eyes and figure

How do the people you hang out with dress?
Lol mostly preppy to a P. Lol

What celeb do people say you look like?
i don't know.

Are you tolerant of other people's beliefs and opinions?
With the exception of Christians saying LGBT is okay, I can tolerate a lot as long as they are tolerant of mine. Do I support it? No.  :)

Do you...
Smoke? Nope, I'm proud to say I don't. Smoking is so gross.
Drink? Yes do I get drunk. Once and never again on God's green Earth
Have sex? I'm a virgin in all ways
Sing in the shower? I most definitely sing in the shower all the time.
Volunteer to answer in class? Yup these days I do.
Party a lot? More than I used to
Compliment people a lot? Yes at least 5 people a day
Say "I love you" too much? No... I probably should say it more. Jackjack gets it the most.
Spend too much time on phone/internet? Um... YES. Lol 95% you can find me on Facebook/internet
Like to dance? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!

Your school life
What stereotype do you best fit in?
Struggling to get through and over done with group. Lol

Do you like school?
I love college. I love the atmosphere. I definitely think it's better than high school.

Education-wise or the social aspect of it?
Both. I love the classes where they make it interesting. Social aspect I love it too for the networking.

What people in school can you not STAND?
The people who sit behind me and plan their weekend outloud. I do not care where you are going to get so drunk or how to make sure your underage party doesn't get busted.

Why do you love the teacher you love?
I like all of my professors. :)

What kind of grades do you make?
I'm at a 3.6 right now.

What is your pet peeve about school?
I have many.

How do you dress for school?
Most definitely comfy clothes and sometimes I wear my work clothes which makes me stand out.

What's your greatest memory of school?
Valedictorian =).

What do you think about...
Stoners: A waste of time.
Goths: Seeing as how three of my best friends are that and one of my cousin is one I love them and respect them.
Emos: I don't know. I thought they had changed over to scene these days or is something new?
Hipsters: Ehh
Preps: They have more behind that prep style. Lol
Nerds: I love my category. We own the world. Or at least run it.

Opinion on...
Obama: I don't like him but he is the president & I can't do anything about it.
Justin Bieber: Overrated
Miley Cyrus: She's ok. MIA wears her music out
Lady GaGa: Some of her music is ok. Not a fan of her personally
Lil Wayne: Has some nice music to work out to.
Nicki Minaj: most annoying person in the world. <---- Couldn't delete this answer! Too perfect
Robert Pattinson: I don't think he is cute at all and finding out he doesn't like to wash his hair made me puke.
Kristen Stewart: She should smile some more and change her tone of voice some.
Daniel Tosh: Ehh
Ellen Degeneres: I love her show. I know she is a lesbian but she is hilarious regardless. I hate what she did to JcPennys though.
Tyra Banks: Shes gorgeous.
Taylor Swift: I'll say this: Her agent did a great job finding her a publicist because that chick is everywhere! Some of her music is okay.

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