Friday, November 9, 2012


I have been royally shocked this month. It started on Halloween. Chris wanted a radio station to start playing Christmas music and I spent most of my Halloween voting for Christmas to start immediately. I was appalled at people's attitude toward Christmas. I mean really how would you like if people didn't want to celebrate your birthday. Or better how about someone you love so much and they didn't want to celebrate your birthday how would you feel?

That's how it feels to Jesus. Before you get on your high of horse of nobody knows when his birthday was let's just he was a orphan that we have no records that parents adopt and they want to celebrate the child's birthday.

People have lost the meaning of Christmas. It breaks my heart. When I seen on Pinterest that talk about Jesus with Christmas I smile and I am refreshed to see some hope left in the world. After this past week I have just been completely shaken up. God is just warming up. America has willfully accepted abortion, homosexuality and the worship of the other gods of Baal. I just wish people would realize that God doesn't exclude things from His Old Testament. I'm sorry but just because Jesus didn't say anything about it does not mean that God isn't against it.

Yes God doesn't want hate, but he also wants you to help these people! Not help them keep sinning! Help them to stop sinning! Quit letting gay marriage be okay, because it's not. As for a abortion? I am COMPLETELY against it even if the person was raped. How would you like it if your life was stopped just because someone didn't want you or that you would have been a burden or a reminder? I guess honestly people are finding it okay to murder because that's what you are doing. That's not women's right in my opinion. If that's women's right then I don't see why men can't start killing and saying it's their right. 

There are options out there to save lives, don't kill lives! I get that you didn't asked to be raped, but that baby also didn't ask to be killed either. I can't praise God enough right now. I know I fall short of what I should. I just wish people would realize what's going on in the world. 

My world slightly fell apart Tuesday night. I honestly wanted to move back to France. However, God wants me here. I will not be like Jonah and run from God because I can't. People want to hide from God and not hear Christmas music because it makes them feel guilty. People are amazed because I speak openly know about a lot of things and quite honestly people make fun of a friend of mine because she had sex on top of a Jesus pillow. Okay so? She waited until marriage with her first husband who was killed in action. She also waited until marriage with her second husband. People got all up in arms about it, but honestly anytime anyone does it God is there watching us. 

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