Thursday, November 15, 2012

Organized Me

So like I said in my Tuesday post this week has been wild and hectic week. I have a lot to think about and to plan. I have been thinking of several plans for this blog as well as my life in general. A lot of people wonder I how I keep everything under control. I have three methods and all of them are synced together.

To begin with I have my Google calendar. I love this product from Google. Many times I’m able to just simply click a button and it automatically links an event to my Google calendar. Google calendar lets me keep up with all kinds of appointments and reminders. Plus, if I want my Google tasks to show up there is a very simple way to do that on my desktop. I do wish that Google would make an app just for Gmail instead of it just being intergraded with the iPhone’s default calendar because it doesn’t have the color coding that I like and have set up for certain events in my schedule. Also with Google calendar I’m alerted with reminders with email and on my desktop I’m sent an notification in the right corner of my desktop.

A second way I keep up with everything is my manual planner. It is a very simple, yet fun planner from Erin Condren. I keep blog ideas written in there and mostly appointments. I mostly use my manual planner for school related tasks and events. I plan on the using my manual planner for everything soon. Especially to help with Jackjack’s check-ups and medicine I believe that my Erin Condren planner will be great. The planner came with great event stickers, cute personal stickers, a pouch for holding loose papers, cute paper clips, and bookmark that dubs as a place holder and ruler. I also paid extra for a pen holder. It’s really great with its vibrant colors and tabs to help keep things organized.

My last and final way of keeping my life running smoothly is my blog and meal planner print outs. When I moved to Huntsville back in May I wanted to be in control of my life. I searched on Pinterest and Google for printable planners. This was before I ordered my Erin Condren planner that I was in search for printable planners. I found many I liked but many referred to having a blog. At the time I didn’t have a blog, but now that I do. I like to have my blog plans and meal plans in the same place. It’s a great to plan out my week’s worth of blog posts and meal plans. I like using Pinterest for meal plans and it’s interesting to try new meals. I like to swap up each week and try a different journal that’s printable.

It’s not really a major thing like people think. Sometimes I do wish I had an assistant that was trailing behind marking things in a Smartphone. I dismiss the idea knowing I like to do things my own certain way. Having a Smartphone of my own might really change things for me. As of tonight I still do not have my new phone activated. I do plan on tomorrow getting it activated. With me getting a certain number so I can be grandfathered in to unlimited data which will be amazing!

Speaking of Smartphones, I have the new iPhone 5 and I would really like to know of any iPhone apps that people think are essential. The ones I’m already aware of and have already downloaded are: Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Yahoo Messenger, Google +, Pinterest, Gmail, Google Voice, Google Chrome, Google, Google Currents, Google Drive, Youtube, Google Shopper, Google Play Book, Blogger, Yelp, Ustream, The Weather Channel, Netflicks, Remote, ESPN Sport Center, Amazon, Starbucks, Kindle, Good Reads, Etsy, Scrabble, Draw Something, Bejeweled,  MK3, Battleship, Instagram, and Weather Radio. If you have any apps outside these that you find essential I’d love to know! I’d really appreciate!

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