Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Technically Tuesday's Post but wrote Wednesday Morning

I was going to post about the election. However, I just don't have the heart to do it. Even if the person I voted for would have won it would have been about one thing, the thing that is still is about--God. God knew this outcome before we did. God is testing us. How much crap are we going to let happen? I was disgusted with people of my generation and younger... Gay Marriage? Abortion rights? Since when did being gay become not a sin? Or murdering a person? An innocent baby? Rape victims? I know many, some even that had a child due to the rape and that baby is what gets them through! Or rape victims that put their baby up for adoptions. Constance my own cousin was one of the latter. Her stepdad raped her and her little boy is growing up with parents that will love him and cherish him. He isn't dead. He got life that he deserved!
(wrote at 5:33 am)

Anyhow, moving on to later today! It's 10:06 a.m. it's amazing how just 4 hours my mood has really changed. I ran from Zombies, got Starbucks, read my Bible, talked with good friends, deleted some pages on Facebook, and right now Miss Who is watching Mr. Who dance with her students. I love him. He doesn't care how stupid looks. He getting on his knees and singing and dancing all around. He loves kids.

We have an odd relationship. We are both old fashion. Chris admits that his other relationships haven't been old fashion because he didn't think any girl out there would appreciate an old fashion romance. Being the way I am a lot people ask are we courting or dating? Honestly, it's a nice mix for us. Dating is too physical and too intrusive. While courting is too fake and not enough personality. It's a good mix for us. We aren't too physical and yet we don't hide a lot of things. Modern courtship isn't us either. We like alone time, however, rarely do we have it. I guess my dad infused me with being old fashion and I'll admit sometimes I still like to have other people around.while we are together.

It saddens me because I have seen so many people in a relationship and they are all about God and have a goal and most of the time a vow to God to not have sex before marriage. I'm sorry but if you know someone is a Christian and you still let them break that vow it's not them, it's you. I don't care if they say yeah I want to do this, they are only doing it to please you and that's not what they are there to do. I stress this because I really hate that. Unlike what the media has it, honestly, it's girls making guys give it up. It's infuriating to me. Have some respect for yourself and others. But be my guest if you don't, but I won't have respect. Plus God punishes evil so that's your conscience and future.

I stand firm on that subject. It came as a surprised to someone the other night when I told them that Chris and I don't kiss all that often. We don't. We have our big moments kisses and few spacious ones here and there, but nothing like other couples. We hold hands and hug. He kisses up my arm, kisses my hand, and forehead the most. Like I said we are old fashion and that makes a big difference.

I could gripe that today isn't what I wanted, but I know in the end I'll be with God. What more could I ask for?

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