Thursday, November 29, 2012


Sometimes God’s Will is Finding True Love with God

The Best Friend

We have been friends since my second day on the job. She has been one of my best friends since the first time Chris walked through the door of my work. Why? Her firsts words when she saw him? “I’m having sex just by looking at him—Oh my God that’s your boyfriend?!?!” I have shared many laughs with her ever since.
But she isn’t laughs once she goes home. At first I just noticed the change in her when we would go to the mall or hang out with Hannah. Then the first time she stayed with me I realized that Mary Ann wasn’t just right. I love her like a sister. She knows I’m writing this I got permission.

Her Past

She has traveled the world like I have. We have been to some of the same exotic places, and then are some places we have been to that the other one hasn’t.  It became clear to me that she felt that her parents were against her. They shoved her in a private boarding school for girls and then during the summer let her vacation wherever she wanted as long as she could find someone to go with her. I noticed that there was distained in her voice especially when talking about her father.
She finally confessed that she hated how she was living. She knew that witchcraft bull wasn’t for her. She also confessed that she has seen at least different psychiatrists. Then everything started following into place. She always has huge bangles on her wrists or sports cuffs.


I invited her to church because I wanted her to see me to shock my pastor. He leads the college group. His favorite Disney movie is Mulan and his favorite scene is where she has the climb the pole with the weights. He wanted us to climb the flag pole that didn’t have flag on it yet. I smiled because I wasn’t going to shock him the first week. Now there several guys that tried and he was giving us several weeks to prep to try. I finally stood up that night and told MIA (her nickname) my pastor blanched at me. I got a good grip and swung myself up and climb it almost effortlessly.  MIA was laughing.
No one was expecting innocent me to climb the pole that so many jocks and other guys had tried to climb. I did it in less than a minute. MIA was the first one to hug me when I came down. My pastor asked how I did that. I told him honestly and straight forth; I can pole dance. I do it for fitness and strength. He nodded. He didn’t even flinch. MIA was taken aback by how accepting he was of everything.
She started going to church even when I wasn’t there. She stopped smoking right after her birthday party. As for the drinking, we cleaned out her liquor cabinet and stocked it with wine. However, as much as I am around her I do have my own life. Her depression rises and the self-mutilation still happens. She is loud and crazy is social events. Home and quiet places she gets antsy. However….


I have wrote about him before on blog. If you go to my Crohn's Awareness posts that’s where you will find him. Frankie is my boyfriend twin/triplet brother. They are identical (when Frankie shaves his beard.) He has suffered from Crohn's for six years now.

As far as his disease goes he has an amazing strength about him. Sure he doubts sometimes about finding the strength to go on. Many people can't put themselves in that situation of knowing that you will never be cured for the sickness that you have. Many of think well I'll go to the medical center and get a prescription antibiotic and bam cured. His isn't like that all. Doctor's don't even claim to have a cure for Crohn's. Frankie is literally in the top 25 worst cases in the world. Not the US, the world is where his name sits on that list. He has to be extremely careful with what he eats, what he does, and what even thinks about. Stress is the worst enemy for him.


A crazy thought occurred to me about three weeks ago. Frankie was very upset about a friend of his and we had 3 tickets to see Breaking Dawn Part: 2 so I suggested he go with me and Mary Ann. They got to know each other a little bit better than they already did. Then the lovely night that I ran to think they talked together.

After that night while I was watching them. I seen a happiness in his eyes and hope in hers. He was grinning from ear to ear and she was blushing, something neither of them do. The next day at work I told her to take him either out to lunch or take him lunch because I didn't know if he was feeling out for the public. He wasn't in great health that day. She took him to Chikfila.

Then they spent that night in Chris' living room getting to know each other. He played her and entire concert and they made ornaments together. They were hilarious. He couldn't stop grinning and she couldn't stop blushing and giggling. They couldn't stay away from each over the weekend. The boys and I went to Tuscaloosa for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the Iron Bowl game. She joined us in Tuscaloosa on Thanksgiving night to go shopping. Which was extra funny because she dared Frankie to buy her a pair of underwear in exchange for her paying for lunch. Oh and he did. A nice pair of black lacy cheekies.

They are still enjoying time together and they are taking things slow which I totally approve. However, I do love watching them gush about each other. They are waiting with baited breath for this weekend. Tomorrow he has a special date for her.and this weekend we are all going ice skating.

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