Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Personal CG..

Everyone compares Chris to his mentor that he had growing up and Christian Grey. (His mentor is more like Christian Grey than Chris could be but anyhow.) The matter is true including that Chris is changing his ways in the desire for God and myself. He proved to be both himself and Christian Grey last night.

Yesterday in itself was wonderful. It was raining and I didn't have to go to work, therefor, I welcomed the rain on my windows. I slept much later and snuggled under the covers where it was becoming warmer. I knew I had to go meet my dad for lunch, but I wanted to stay all warm and cozy.

I eventually did get up and get ready. I picked up daddy and dropped off Jonah at Viv's house and drove on to Chili's. Dad and I were talking about Christmas and Jackjack when the smell of Ralph Lauren's Polo Cologne 2 hit my nose. There Chris was standing behind me and smiling at my dad. My dad turns to worse putty than I do. Chris sat down with us and ordered. We talked about getting our houses ready for Jackjack, for my grandmother to come stay with us, and Christmas.

They left together (after Chris paid) and I was left fuming. Not because they left together, but because this was suppose to be my treat for dad. Dad was laughing of course (didn't help my mood) and said "Wow I have kids fighting over who is going to feed me." I really hope some people don't take offense to this, but since my stepmom's passing my dad has been back to being happy and calm. He carved Jackjack a boat with the arthritis in his hands even!

I went about decorating at home after picking up a few things at Target. I spent the majority of the rest of the day making sure things were decorated for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Jackjack! I had to install the baby doors again. I assembled Jackjack's play pen. The entire I'm thinking about going ice skating and going to get something to eat in Huntsville....

Oh did my boyfriend have something else in mind. You know earlier I was discussing how he was like Christian Grey? Oh he is. He drove me to the airport instead of the skating rink and he flew us from Huntsville to Tuscaloosa. We spent the night with a driver in Tuscaloosa. We went to Outback, Walmart, the  University Mall, and the Cracker Barrel. It was fun and crazy. We finished up the night flying back to Huntsville and spent the night decorating his place.

Today I spent day thinking about all that and getting ready for Girls Night In and my dermatologist appointment. It's been crazy for me lately. That's why the blogs are post dated. I've been living a little bit. Well I will update ever one more on Friday. The other posts will be out by then. You can look forward to posts about homemade meatloaf (Chris' recipe), a mini update, how I stay organized, and tithing! So stay alert for updates!

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