Friday, November 16, 2012


I realize this is another topic that Christians avoid having with one another. Tithing is controversial because some thing that the New Testament means we don't have to give tithes. Whereas, some people (like myself) realize that some things should be done as respect for God and for our church. Tithing is giving 10% of what you have or make to the church. Yes 10% of your paycheck should go to God.

I was brought up that way and it has been embossed in my mind. I am very straight about it. I do not see how people cannot give to God, but buy whatever they want. I have had some people tell me that the economy is low. Okay, it's low for me as well. My brothers give 10% of their allowance. The thing is God will always provide for you. Always.

There was story that my youth minister told us while I was growing up. A man barely made $30 a week in college. The man prayed with his minister that he didn't feel like that was enough to give God and they prayed. He gladly handed over the $3 dollars to God. As the man grew and his career did as well. He became uncomfortable with tithing as his paychecks grew with his job. The man went to the minister and told him that $1,000 a week was a lot to give God. The minister looked at him and said fine you can go back to giving $3 dollars, but that's because feels like you deserve to be on a $30 paycheck.

Don't short change God. The church is God's house. You need to speak up in your church if you don't like where the money is going. I have had that happen before with a church I was once attending in Tuscaloosa. I have spoke on this matter before with this church. They were spending it on multimedia and the building when they needed to be spending on the people of the church and people surrounding the church. I left. Also make contributions to Christian based organizations. For a little while I didn't tithe but I saved the money and did an AngelTree Child for Christmas.

I also believe that money and lust are the two biggest things that we put before God. Lust as in our partners or selfishness. Money is usually one. Tithing helps you remember that God is first in your life. Not the phone bill, house bill, cable bill, etc but that God should be. God will take care of the rest. People keep telling me well I prayed but God isn't answering. Quit listening to everything else. Make God the center of your life.
“No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.”
(Matthew 6:24 NIV)
 I was researching tithing to get other people's views on it. I was looking through Pinterest and I came across this ladies website Blue Skies Ahead. She had an interesting way of teaching children about tithing with skittles and/or M&Ms. They created tithing banks for their children. I have to agree with tithing otherwise you are looking selfish. Take responsibility and help out in the Christian community. Take the 10% out before  paying bills and also put it into your budget. I do. No sum is too big for God and don't short change God.
Blue Skies Ahead

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