Sunday, November 11, 2012

Review: Basin Almond Hydrator.

I like to watch product reviews a lot because 1) It helps me with mine. 2) I find products to try myself. LisaFreemontStreet is someone's videos I look forward to weekly. She is fun to watch and listen to while she does great vintage styles (not just make-up and hair) and she has a movie review channel as well. She did a video talking about body butter. 

She loves the smell of almond like I do. I guess because it doesn't overwhelm in any kind of product and gives a smell that's nice. So she mentioned a store that she likes to visit at Disney World and I was instantly perked up and Googling the name and I found the store. It's called Basin and it's located in Downtown Disney. It does not cost to get into Downtown Disney yet it still has a Disney quality to it. The transportation systems of Disney (bus or boat) will take you from your Disney Resort and to Downtown Disney. 

I was expecting the price to be high. I'm sorry, but Disney is not for the cheap at heart. Especially when you really want something. I went into this store knowing I was going to use up most of the money I had saved up to spend on myself and oh was I right. 

They had everything thing a girl who likes to take a BATH (not necessarily a shower) could dream of buying! Huge bath bombs, bath fizzies, real sponges, bath brushes, pumices, and milk baths, bath salt (for just $5 and you got to pick as many different smells as you could put into the container), conditioner bars, shaving cream, spa wax, face toner, facial soap, acne soap,  shampoo bars, and made-in-store soap! There was also body scrubs, candles, body butter, and hydrators! 

Thanks to Ashley at LisafreemontStreet I sought out for the almond smelling things and she was dead on about this product! It smells so good and it enriches my skin. The ingredients are jojoba oil, vitamins E, C & D, and additional nourishing ingredients. It's not greasy at all. I love it because it's water based. It's a really great product. I was not impressed with their soap. I think it might just be the smell that I got with the soap, I also loved the bath salts. I will be buying more of their products in the future. Definitely check out Basin.

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