Saturday, November 17, 2012

Black Friday and No. 2!

What happens after Santa arrives at Macy's, the turkey is gone, and the last piece of pecan pie is gone? Why shopping of course! Well this year that's halfway true. I will be napping after finishing up my plate at Erica's because we plan to be lined up at Belk's by 11:00 pm on Thanksgiving Night. Yep Night.

We started this tradition two years ago. We were dumb and young and went to the Galleria and Walmart. Those have been axed since that year. We are staying in Tuscaloosa and avoiding Walmart like the plague. Yes great deal but I don't feel like getting bruises or dying for them. Belk is bad enough with the bruising.

We are already planning our plan of attack because the so-called "leak" sales are out now. However, everyone knows to save up money and buy their own newspaper Thanksgiving morning. I have many places I want to go because I have lots of people to buy for this year. Some I have already started buying and hiding. I had to go ahead and buy my grandmother's because she arrives tomorrow.

I have to go to JcPenny's every year! This will be my 11th consecutive year of shopping on Black Friday in the States! We always came over here for Thanksgiving and I went shopping every year even the ones I had to work I managed to get the afternoon shift. The reason for going to JcPenny's is because they have the snowglobes which prove I have been going every year. I have them displayed on my desk this year.

Do I push and shove? No. I am going to get a few things for my family and friends. I like hanging out with my friends and family coming up with ideas to come back and get later on. This year being no exception because our family and friends have grown and continue to grow each day. I think God really has blessed us in this year. Many of them have gotten married and are starting families.

New stores come into play with babies on the way or babies that have been born this year. New stores also come into play because there have been stores that have been built this year or have reopened. It's a wonderful thing knowing that Tuscaloosa has rebuilt so much and keeps on building back stronger every week. CVS on McFarland and 15th Street should be opened by December! It's a wonderful thing knowing that it's coming back so strong.

I look forward to letting all of you know what deals I score that day. If you are in Tuscaloosa that day, I promise I'll be in Bath and Body Works during that day! I love that store and have a whole list of things to buy!

Oh PS.... Roll Tide! Bama's back at the number 2 spot!

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