Sunday, November 18, 2012

Review: Bath & Body Works Lip Gloss and Holder

I know I wrote a post on EOS lip balm but those are easy to put in the bottom or a purse forget about them. However, I have found the solution for on the go with shopping or keeping up at Disney World. Bath & Body Works has the solution.

Anyone that loves Bath & Body Works knows about the PocketBacs, which in case you don't know, are the small anti-bacterial hand sanitizers. Many may know of the lip gloss but now the PocketBacs are not the only ones with cute traveling systems. You can now have lip gloss handy at anytime. Their lip gloss doesn't dry out your lips. 

The carry for the lip gloss is equally cute to the ones for the PocketBacs. I managed to get an owl (of course!) It was great while we were in Disney World. Having it and the PocketBac right there at my neck was awesome. 

In the top left corner you can some what see the size of the lip gloss holder compared to the the Pocketbac. The lip gloss I'm using right now contains Methanol in it or as B&BWs call it Mentha. I have the cinnamon flavor and it tastes and feels amazing on my lips. 

A friend of mine that's a guy said it looked like a creature from He-Man but then again he is a huge He-Man freak and walks around flexing his muscles yelling he has the power. However, I find the owl very cute. Depending on what style of lip gloss you get it can range from $7.50 to $10.00. And the carrier is $5-$8. I always go in to B&BWs if there is a sale or armed with a coupon. Sometimes the online store has amazing sales as well just use the Retail Me Not website and save major cash! 

Hope everyone's weekend has been great. Jackjack is doing great, my grandmother arrived this afternoon and I've ran two marathons this weekend! 

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