Monday, November 26, 2012

Pushing Limits

I have recently lost weight. Was I wanting to? Not really. I have to say that dancing, yoga, and running have seriously toned my body up. Dancing stands out though because it’s using muscles that I don’t even use during yoga.
I finally have a trainer. Not he isn’t personal and no I don’t pay for him, my grandparents, who are all about fitness, pay for him. He explained to me that if push your body too fast that muscle will be bigger and if you push yourself slowly you get a leaner and stronger muscle. That statement alone made me feel great because I like doing that with my running.
I still drink lemon water in the morning which helps detox my body. I’m going to try Pilates in the summer. I already have the gloves to do it and some DVDs but my trainer explained to me that DVDs can’t see how far you’ve actually come.
So onto fashion, and this has become a huge part of my life in the last year. You may or you may not know that I have a family function with Chris coming up in just a few short weeks. The invitations actually white tie event. This man (not Chris but sometimes I actually wonder) has more money than I can wrap my head around. I actually have to get more dressed up than prom or pageants. I still haven’t figured out how I feel about that I’m going to be so out of my league. Chris has told me many times that we don’t have to go. I want/need to go.
Chris’ stepmom is lending me a dress for the event that she thinks will meet the man’s requirements. It’s brown with gold detail. I think I am going to wave my hair with S side wave. I haven’t completely decided yet. I’m very nervous. I love etiquette, but that high? Let’s all remember this is a girl that can rope a hog in the mud and not be ashamed to say she has cleaned out a chicken coop. I just hope all goes well.
So I have discovered some great shopping/fashion apps for the iPhone. 

Poshmark is a great! It’s actually a virtual shopping party! People with the same taste, sizes you are, and interest get together on a party. You can trade, shop, and browse for items of fashion. It’s great.  I love Kate Spade parties! 

Gilt is another favorite. Hello!!! I can hover over any color and it shows me items and clothing articles in the exact same color!!!

RetailMeNot (a website I seriously loved anyhow) is another go-to favorite now. Special codes to get discounts just from an app?

Pose is a fashion Pinterest app.  This is great because my most pinned board is My Style board on Pinterest. It’s really great.

Now to find the best health and fitness apps.

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