Wednesday, November 28, 2012


November ends in two days which means that the month that both Halo and Call of Duty came out is coming to end. That was only part of what many men were consumed about during this month. There was a good many concerned with something else which brings a smile to my face.

If you have noticed men a lot hairy this month don’t be concerned. In two days most will be cleaned shaven again. The reason for this is not because they have been so involved with video games, but to raise raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancer and associated charities

The US branch of "Mo Bros" (nice term huh?) have their own website even. Movember is the place where you go to register that you are "changing the face of men's health." I'm all about shedding light on more awareness besides women with breast cancer. Men struggle with cancer just like women do and often they go unnoticed.

Chris explained that a lot of guys don't want the humiliation that there is something wrong with them. The thing is they are still suffering. Chris was unable to participate in Movember this year being that he had a Navy conference this month. But this is a movement that is close to his heart because he suffered from cancer himself. He is in year 5 of remission. He is an adjunct to the Navy. He gets ranked and everything but he has his long hair. 

At first when Chris and I started talking and dating I didn't understand his obsession with his hair. I then found out he had cancer before he met me. He said women can wear wigs and people may never notice but men have it worse because when you have no eyebrows, no hair, and you can't wear fake eyelashes you stand out. My heart went out to him. I have learned to love and cherish is long hair since then.

I do have a friend Scott who is registered for Movember. He is dedicating all the money he would have spent on razor, shaving gel, and after shave to the charity. It's inspiring to see so many men come together to support one another. 

Another participate I know is my own pastor. He is a very young pastor. He warned everyone that he would be competing with a few of the college students (yep our class dared and challenged him.) So, we have a very hairy pastor at the moment. It's interesting to see how many guys do this. So women get your men on bored and men next year go hairy!

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