Tuesday, November 20, 2012

True Love

Happy Tuesday Night everyone!
Ok so it's only Tuesday and it feels like it has been a whole full week. It's crazy because I've only had to work a little bit so far this week. I am going to explain everything that has happened.

For starters, if you are a personal friend of mine let me apologize for last night. Last was extremely emotionally for me. Nothing really bad happened just my feelings got dumped on me.

My grandparents from my mom and first stepmom arrived to see me and my brother Jared and also Jackjack is home with me for good. So I was already emotional from that. My grandmother spent most of Sunday night telling me about my mother's habits as a young adult. It made me smile. We had a lot in common. She said that my mom was a helpless romantic. I know I am.

Anyhow, last night I was exhausted from school crap and everything. I barely had any sleep think like an hour literally. I was not in the mood for school. When he let us out early I nearly leaped from my seat. I was so ready for dance class... Or so I thought.

Chris has this favorite band that he has liked for a while called Enigma. It has become slightly more popular since it was mentioned in 50 Shades of Grey. Chris' favorite song is "Return to Innocence" and it has so much emotion in it. We are doing an contemporary dance to it. We were doing extremely well on it and everything struck me at once...

I have a perfect man. One that loves me and cares about me more than I do. My daddy said he was proud of me. Jackjack is getting better. My family of my mothers is in my life. My cousins are having babies. My mind kept returning to Chris. When the song was through I barely heard what our instructor told us and I bolted.

I'm not much by any means. I haven't done anything extraordinary. Why is God giving me this wonderful man? I made up my mind that I didn't deserve him. I drove and ignored my phone going off like crazy. I was realizing just how much I have come to love Chris. Yes he makes me mad but I love it when he throws his hands up in the air or I can give him a severe look and he starts laughing.

Chris even came and got me after he got someone to hack my GPS in my car. (Thanks a lot Courtney!) We had a really long and loving talk. I have to remind myself God has him in my life for a reason and I shouldn't question why or how.

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