Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vintage Tag

As many of you know I spend hours watching Vintage Tutorials on fashion, hair, make-up, recipes etc. So I was watching LisaFreemontStreet and I ran across this video (shown below) and I don't do vlogs but I figured I could answer the questions

1) Who's your style icon?
My style icon, hm. I simply adore Lucille Ball. Marilyn Monroe, some. Maureen O'Hara, love her. For more go to Inspirations.
2)Whats your favorite way to get inspired? ( i.e. mags, catalogs, photo's, YT, movies, books, the internet, etc)
All of the above. I love pictures mostly, Youtube, and movies.
3) What's your most used hair tool(s)?
Curl pins, curling iron, and hairspray
4)Whats your favorite hair tool/ gadget?
Rollers..... :)
5) Up-do, down, or half and half?
Half and half
6)Is vintage styling something you do daily, weekends only, or just special occasions?
A mixture. I do vintage things constantly even if I don't have vintage style going on that day.
7) Whats your favorite blush/ lipstick?
Spiced Coral by Estee Lauder Signature Color and Le Rouge, SPF15, Pur Colour Satiny Radiance by Yves Saint Laurent
8) Lets talk fashion: dress/ skirt or pants? heels or flats?
I looooove my high waisted shorts but I also love dresses. I love heels but I feel a little more comfortable in flats.
9) Homemade or off the rack?
I'm working on having more homemade things.
10) Do you swing dance?
Its on my Fall Bucket List to learn how
11) Small subtle touches incorporated into everyday wear ( flavor of vintage, if you will) or all out extreme?
There are very few days where I go all out with vintage. I use hints of it. Though Chris does have a bad habit of walking into my apartment on the weekends and screaming "Lucy I'm home!"
12)Favorite perfume/ skincare? ( as ladies back then were very studious about their faces)
Perfumes: Love Kills Slowly by Ed Hardy, Midnight Rose by Lancome, and Ma Cheri by Dior
Skincare: I use a ton of different brands at different prices Estee Lauder and Sephora are where I got the most.
13) What does the rest of the family think of your "style"?
My dad thinks its great. My cousins are mixed on it. Chris loves it since he is a huge Rat Pack fan.
14) Favorite accessory ( signature piece, hair accessory, bag, jewlery, gloves, stockings, shoes, pin, hat, belt, sweater, nail polish, lipstick, perfume, parisol, glasses, scarf... whew! did i forget anything)?
I don't think I have a favorite. I do love my petticoats, I love swishing. I love flower hairclips.
15)Do you find the vintage community warm and inviting, or cliquish and snooty? ( include your personal home state)
I haven't come across anyone who was snooty or cliquish, actually just the opposite.
16)What drew you to this style?
A date Chris and I had at the very beginning of getting to know each other and he seemed to be really big into the 40s with big band swing music.
17)Your favorite place(s) to shop vintage? Modcloth.com for clothes even if they are pricey but I do love their clothing. I really just filter through vintage blogs and vlogs to see what other people recommend and I try stuff. 

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