Saturday, June 9, 2012

Future Engagement

So I am reading my news for the morning, the articles that make the headlines on Yahoo or AOL. Mostly dieting fads that will be bad for you by the time next week's diet fad comes around. And, of course, the usual celebrity gossip that's probably really 2-3 days old. This one article stood out to me. Miley Cyrus Engaged, now as to why this one caught my eye is very simple. I had read an article where Billy Ray Cyrus said that Miley's career had ruined their whole family. So I was eager to see if it mentioned what he had to say about her engagement.

I'm not going to be like everyone else and say its not going to last. My thing is we don't ever really know what's going on with celebrities. If it lasts it lasts. If it doesn't what does it matter?

After reading and thinking about engagements I'm not sure I'm going to be as bold about mine as other people. I realize its every girls' dream to show off the sparkly diamond (or whatever gemstone) that now rests upon her finger.   The only people I think I will tell when I get engaged is my daddy and my step-mom. I'd rather keep it a secret, gather the photos, write down every second, get his view of it as well and have one big announcement. And instead of everyone gushing on Facebook or online, have everyone get together so I can show off my ring.

As for how he proposes, I don't ask for much, just to be caught off guard and have a photographer there. That's all I ask of my future fiance. I also ask that it be a mixed ring with yellow gold and white, I think. That may change in the future.

I do want engagement pictures for the save-the-dates. Something country, city, and crazy. Something that speaks to both of our personalities. I want to have fun and not be posed.

Getting engaged is not high on my list right now. I thought it might be but its really not. I'm happy just being by myself now. Yes I have Chris but doesn't mean I want to see Chris when I open my eyes first thing in the morning. I like that we have our own lives. He has his hobbies (spending time with his brothers, working out, reading, and like me he loves to learn) and I have mine. Sometimes they mix well but its nice to not get hounded every second of every day. We send a couple of messages to each other during the morning, very few during the day and some at night, sometimes and its not that big of a deal. I don't want it to get boring.

So for right now I don't want a ring on my finger. I'm happy with his high school ring around my neck.

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